Informatie over Sportcentrum Kenamju

Phoenixstraat 13
2011 KC, Haarlem
+31 23 531 1182


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 07:00–17:00
  • zondag: 07:00–17:00


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Sportcentrum Kenamju: Meningen

Roel 1 year ago

At Kenamju I go parent-child swimming with my daughter. The pool is very clean and the teacher is very friendly. My daughter really likes the class too!

Dieuwertje Roovers-van Donselaar 1 year ago

Super good atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, good range of lessons and nice equipment. Very happy with Kenamju!

Spyros Charisis 1 year ago

nice place with the best equipment. really clean and the staff are just professionals. they are willing to adapt their techniques to the style you desire.

Paul Falke 1 year ago

Good gym, but pricey.

Emre “TeddMosby” TATBAK 1 year ago

Good place, very friendly people and always help. High quality level

??? 1 year ago

Pool, sauna, yoga, karate, judo, physical training, crossfit It was the best facility for a lot of training. There were a lot of excellent things. Not only adults but also kids' spaces are great.

Boudewijn 1 year ago

Nice gym, not crowded, nice atmosphere.

Elin van ‘t Hoff - van Drunen 1 year ago

Parent-child swimming is great fun here, small pool, small group and enough space.

Wick Faas 1 year ago

Wonderful gym with lots of light and spacious. Sufficient staff who can guide you and give you tips where necessary. Plenty of choice from group lessons, really something for everyone. Tried several gyms in the past but I've been here for years / will stay for years!

Raymond Vd Nieuwenhof 1 year ago

As a real outdoor athlete, I had never actually used a gym. Whenever I cycled past a gym during my training sessions, I thought, gosh that can't be anything. Due to rehabilitation, I took the plunge and contacted Kenamju Sports Center. As soon as I walked in I felt a living room feeling, and it may sound crazy, but I immediately felt at home here. The lessons are great with very good guidance! I can recommend this sports center to everyone!!!

mysummer 1 year ago


Julian Gomez 1 year ago

Ideal gym if you don't like the gimmicky atmosphere in most competitor gyms. They prevent this by agreeing on house rules that everyone must adhere to. This makes it very woman-friendly and a super cool atmosphere to start your process in a targeted manner!

Ruben van Dijk 2 years ago

Good instructors for the boxing lessons. Very clean gym, many competitors can learn something from that.

Wesley Mantje 2 years ago

A fantastic place where everyone who likes to move will quickly feel at home. Versatile range of group lessons and a fresh, beautiful fitness. I hope to train again soon!

Romy Manshanden 2 years ago

Super gym with friendly instructors and many different classes to choose from.

Petr Plenkov 2 years ago

Best kid karate and judo in Haarlem

Anneliese Pruis 2 years ago

Fantastic gym! I switched because the crossfit teacher is a really cool one. Trying out all types of yoga due to an injury and they have a lot of choice! Own free parking, but who goes by car??? Nice girls behind the bar, you will be helped quickly and well. It is clean and spacious.

Emilia Stammler 2 years ago

A very nice gym. A lot of different activities and the staff is very friendly.

Scott Turner 2 years ago

Positive: Quality Great size, nice staff and a lot of facilities

Chris Lucas 2 years ago

Super nice group lessons. In addition, the service is very good, the gyms are bright and spacious and everything is always very clean.

Nathalie Green 2 years ago

Leuke groeps lessen professioneel en schoon Suikerbrood 2 years ago

Friendly staff and a good gym with knowledgeable staff. The swimming lessons are also great.

Janne I 2 years ago

Duur.. maar goed!!

Alex Osi 3 years ago

Kenamju is my favourite club in NL, and I've changed many different fitness in many cities. Kenamju has extremely professional and customer oriented staff, which is the main reason I like it so much, also the club is clean, they have an extensive amount of group trainings and different activities. I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Jofelle Tesorio 3 years ago

Close to the school

Fabian Blumenfeld 3 years ago

Very professional sports center..

Joost Duivenvoorden 3 years ago

We always go there for the toddler / toddler swim. Nice swimming pool and good swimming teacher (Linde). She also teaches (certified) survival swimming for babies.

victor van der Putten 3 years ago

Ouderwets, lekker getraind

Oya Akyol 4 years ago

Nice gym very friendly staff especially master Jordy of the judo lessons is great! You can safely drink a cup of coffee which is very nice while waiting for your child. The gym is super clean and fully equipped.

Daniela Jimenez 4 years ago

Great place! The group classes are the best!

Daan Stam 4 years ago

One of the best and most popular gyms in Haarlem. This gym has produced many champions and will probably do so in the future.

Sicco Jan Bier 4 years ago

Children's Judo Club. Organize regular youth tournament (mix with competition youth). In various gyms In the area it is possible to follow the judo lessons as "dependance", for example Halfweg. No photos without sharing cobblestones

henk steenkist 4 years ago

I had a gym myself and played sports in many gyms. But Kenamju is the best gym I have ever been to. Progressive, highly skilled coaches and the best of the best for professional athletes, amateurs and young and old. Super good opening times. Really for me and many others 5 ?????

Pinar Demir 4 years ago

My gym!

Leon Lodder 5 years ago

Top gym.

Wijnand Trippenzee 5 years ago

Top of the art with Technogym equipment

B Alpay 5 years ago

Great gym. They radiate professionalism as soon as they arrive. The employees / supervisors / trainers are very professional, patient and friendly. The gym is very hygienic. Someone is constantly cleaning.

Jaime Telles 5 years ago

Best gym in Haarlem, with great facilities and staff

Arturo Carrero 5 years ago

Best gym in Haarlem hands down. Great equipment, classes and very clean. Just 2 things not to forget: 1. your own music because they've been playing the same thing since January, and 2. your own towel to keep the equipment and benches clean. There is a Towel Gestapo walking around with their black shirts so you have been warned!

D T 5 years ago

We take our kid to Judo. Personnel is awesome, the facility is very clean

Jesse Zandvliet 5 years ago

Super gym, personal help when needed and in time you can have a new training schedule made to your own personal preferences. You will also know the staff present personally after a while and is always in for a chat while exercising

Matthijs Hamburger 5 years ago

Best gym in the surrounding area! Swimming pool and private parking spaces are the best!

Manisha VedPrakash 5 years ago

Great place for kids to learn swimming. Long waiting lists due to popularity but teachers are great

Yolandi de Beer 6 years ago

Best classes in kickboxing!

Alex Raitzin Mac Loughlin 6 years ago

Great place. Friendly people.

estela z 6 years ago

Very affordable sportschool for kids. Nice and helpful employees

paul viersen, van 6 years ago

After another disappointment at Sportcity Haarlem I started at Kenamju. What a relief, everything but everything is clean and fresh. Lovely large bright spaces with a lot of space between the devices and appliances. Always someone present for help or advice After training I often go to the Wellness for a Finnish or infrared sauna or a steam machine, even a swimming pool is available. If you want to work on yourself in a wonderfully relaxed but effective way, you have to be here.

Elsa Carraceno 6 years ago

Love it! The team are very friendly and nice and the place is very cozy. My children are very happy to be there and that is the most important.

Roberto 6 years ago

The gym is large, beautiful, tidy and clean. The changing rooms have a combination locker system. There are various lessons that can be attended at certain times plus various services such as the sauna for an extra charge.

Anne Knol 6 years ago

I love this gym. They have group lessons, great kind trainers with a lot of attention for what you are doing and how you are doing it. They can help you with anything, you can even make appointments for a workout routine. Especially the boksing workout and the PRX lessons are great! There is a pool and a sauna and there are inhouse fysical therapists. The space is light and airy, good air-conditioning, well maintained, clean, easily accessible. Only the dojo and spinning spaces have stairs. The price is mid-range for a gym. And this happens to be a really nice one. As for the fitness areas, there's always trainers around. They have all kinds of equipment, the machines are not as static as older versions because of the rubber. All of them are adjustable per body side (for if you have one stronger leg or arm) there are loose weights and all of the expected equipment, as well as a cross-fit type box where you can do your thing. (No lessons as far as I know)

Ana McGinley 6 years ago

Great gym. Fun classes. Clean facility

Ufuk Erdogan 6 years ago

You can various sport exercise for your self and chil

Patrick Hart 7 years ago

The best gym in Haarlem and surroundings very friendly and highly trained staff and always give you the right advice and support. I see in a review that someone thought that she was being looked after very much? They do this for your own safety!

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