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Body Rehabilitation and Mechanics Haarlem e.o.: Meningen

Marieke Becking 8 months ago

I should have done this years ago! After just one treatment, I got rid of my pelvic instability! I am very happy and grateful. All aches and tensions in the hips, groin and buttocks are gone. I've been walking around with this for years - with varying complaints. Bram works wonders by getting muscles and ligaments to function properly again. Don't ask me how, but it works! I can recommend him to anyone who has complaints on the 'musculoskeletal system'.

Perry van Beek 8 months ago

In a single session, Bram helped me tremendously with a situation that had been bothering me for months. It was fantastic to regain so much freedom of movement in my shoulder so quickly.

robert vrieze 9 months ago

Bram helped me very well after my collision. Bram is knowledgeable and thinks along well, which is very pleasant.

Betty Zwiers 10 months ago

It was a special experience to be treated here with my back pain since I was 9 years old. No more painkillers needed. I can stand on one leg after 62 years!

The Gold Observer 11 months ago

I still don't know how he does it, but Bram has helped me A LOT with my chronic pain. I don't know yet if the pain will go away completely - I just had my third treatment - but it sure looks like it!

Nathalie Wagmann 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Edith Wassenaar 1 year ago

Bram's skills, personal experiences, sensitivity and holistic view make him a gem in his field. A treatment with him is always a miraculous event, after which I feel much better in my body. Definitely recommended for various complaints and issues.

Tijmen Onland 1 year ago

Special treatment. The treatment itself feels somewhat surreal, but the result is astonishing. Late in the lower back, which seems to have almost completely disappeared after a treatment. I wonder how it will feel in a short period of time. Bram explains everything clearly and calmly and is professional in his dealings.

Tasha Visman 1 year ago

Bram thinks along from a different approach than a physiotherapist or manual therapist in a pleasant way. He takes your complaints seriously and searches with you until you walk out happily.

Rene Bastiaans 1 year ago

What peace of mind Bram has, goes straight to the core. And almost immediately from all, nevertheless serious complaints that have been going on for some time. Really very strange that in 2020 this is not covered by health insurance. They would rather pay 10x the physio than 1x BRaM. Strange guys, those health insurers. But not Bram, he is a must! Don't hesitate, do it!

Antoon van Balkom 1 year ago

It was a new experience for me, but very instructive. Your muscles, which don't work as they should, are "deprogrammed" and then "reprogrammed" properly again. Not because I had to do exercises, but because Bart has developed a special method for this. End-result: a much "looser" feeling, more supple and therefore your body is more "in balance". Recommended!

Nina Keijzer 2 years ago

Bram helped me a lot! Finally I can move well again.

Bas Silos 2 years ago

Bram has helped me enormously with my neck complaints. His treatment has had an immediate effect and his advice has also enabled me to exercise again with confidence. Bram really takes his time, listens carefully, explains what he observes and treats and is relaxed in his handling.

Imada de Ru 2 years ago

Bram always thinks along with you in solutions. It works accurately and the treatments quickly have a positive effect on your system. You can always quickly go for a consultation and he will also send you targeted mail for any exercises or information about what has been discussed. I think it's a nice address and I've been coming there for years.

E. Kuijten. 2 years ago

We are very satisfied with the Body Rehabilitation treatment. Sincerely R. Kuijten-Lumunon. .

Remco Rovers 2 years ago

Super nice guy, knowledgeable and calm and with 1 treatment of almost all complaints from a tennis arm helped. Diagnosis general practitioner: months delay time. After 1 treatment with Bram: pain-free, mobility back and able to exercise again. Unexpected! Very nice!

Wes Mutsaars 2 years ago

Bram is really a top guy and can really help you "to become the best version of yourself" yesterday the total body scan done highly recommended!

Mariëtte Budel 2 years ago

Bram helped me very well. He has given my body a kind of "reset", which has changed many years of complaints in a very positive way. My posture and my movement pattern have improved a lot. His treatment method is very mild and directly affects the musculoskeletal system. He is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what adjustments are needed after giving your feedback. After an accident, in which I broke someone's fall, I noticed that I got complaints again. Immediately made an appointment and after a new reset everything was immediately restored. Bram is very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about what he does. I am very happy and grateful to have found it.

Tim Oosterop 2 years ago

With a pain in my knee while running I came to Bram. Without pain and with a much faster km time I went outside again. If you need a physio: go to Bram, you will be amazed by the quick and good treatment.

Jasper de Groot 2 years ago

Bram is the man to turn to!

janine zeitler 2 years ago

Bram you have given me a huge reset in no time. My hernia hindered me in everything. After 3 treatments no radiation in legs & I have confidence again & so much more stability in my body!

jenny klevering 3 years ago

First impression good. Wonderful treatment for me. Never has anyone paid so much attention to my complaints. The same day my pain disappeared. Now we have to wait and see if it stays that way.

John Renooij 3 years ago

Here you really get 1 on 1 training that goes beyond an "hour" in the gym. They teach you to listen to your body, adapt training to the goal you have in mind and especially what you can handle, but you are pushed just far enough to get a step out of your confort zone every time. But there is more. In addition to the physical part, you are also mentally well supported, they look beyond just exercising. Food, lifestyle, goals, challenges, weaknesses, highs and lows ... They are all over. If you do not want to do it, then you go to work together to see how you can - convert to a plus. If you have a fallback, you will see what we can learn from it and what helps you to do it next time. improve. All in all seen a few gyms, 2 dietists worn out ... But here it seems finally all in place to come and I get the goals where I previously after 2 months already would have given up again

Simon Schijf 3 years ago

It is difficult to say briefly how good Bram is. If you experience it you will understand what is meant. Bram has developed a unique method that quickly gets to the core of an injury. Bram manages to achieve results very quickly in a number of actions that are apparently too simple. In addition, Bram is broadly oriented and knows exactly what others can add in a targeted manner. In addition, Bram is a pleasant person to deal with and sweet to young people.

Cathy Post 3 years ago

Friendly and open approach. To the point treatment. Knowledge. Certainly reliable and recommended

Farida van Hulst 3 years ago

After a completely wrong approach at first, I have already achieved a lot at Bram after 1x. I can also recommend it to anyone with complicated complaints, such as whiplash. Thanks Bram !!!

yoli vanlent 3 years ago

In 1 1/2 hours Bram has explained to me in an extremely pleasant and calm way, in understandable language, what I can do to restore my body, muscles and well-being. I'm sure my complaints will disappear! After the test, a point of attention also emerged that my doctor can discuss. I am very happy that Bram pointed this out to me. I am super motivated to follow his guidelines and advice. He is very good. I recommend everyone to visit Bram!

Michiel Admiraal 4 years ago

Strong workout with impact

Henri Penners 4 years ago

Bram takes the time to find out the cause of the complaints and to treat them. In addition, he translates into practice and he can give you practical tips on which exercises you should add or omit in your training. Thanks to the treatment, I was finished with complaints after a few days and the exercises he recommended to me are still a regular part of my training!

Hessel Zondervan 4 years ago

Had a nice treatment with Bram. Clear exercise material was given and the complaints are almost completely gone. I keep practicing Bram, Thanks!

Sylvia van kuijk 4 years ago

Yesterday quickly and professionally helped by Bram. This time preventively, well almost .. I was just in time. Fortunately I am completely fine again and Bram was able to clearly explain why it almost went wrong with my back and what I can do about it myself to prevent it. Good breathing, drinking water and a lot less coffee ... simple Then treated my neck. I feel like I am standing up and in balance again. No neck pain, back pain and more importantly "trust" in my own body. Thankx Bram

Henk Elders 5 years ago

I'm happy to have met Bram gives a good and safe feeling, the treatments he does are top notch, I think and help well at the moment no longer suffer from neck and elbow top thank you so far .Gr Henk

Jacqueline Krijgsman 5 years ago

All balls on Bram!

Nicole van Beek 5 years ago

Super! Completely pain-free after 2 treatments. Advising everyone, why keep going with pain if Bram can help you get rid of it ?! Also great exercises for home! To be repeated! At least if I still have problems ..

Rene Bakker 5 years ago

Bram listens well to you and provides treatment that removes the cause instead of combating the symptoms.

Willem de Boer Reactivated 5 years ago


Joeri Liefhebber 5 years ago

Top! Intensive and fun kettlebell training.

Ko Maas 5 years ago

We heartily recommend Bram for an ES Teck scan, for example. If you want to know how you stand physically / mentally, which foods you can leave better and which foods are recommended for your body, he also has good training schedules.

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