Informatie over Gym Haarlem

Verspronckweg 63
2023 BB, Haarlem
+31 23 202 0450


  • maandag: 09:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 09:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 09:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 09:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 09:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–15:00
  • zondag: 09:00–15:00

Gym Haarlem - Bevorder je gezondheid en voorzie jezelf van de dagelijkse dosis beweging bij Gym Haarlem. Een gevarieerd aanbod van Kickboksen, Boksen, MMA, Thaiboksen en Fitness maken dit mogelijk.


Gym Haarlem heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Gym Haarlem: Meningen

Cornelis de Witte 1 year ago

Best gym. Everyone can participate, top offer and top trainers

Jan-Paul Huiskamp 1 year ago

Knowledgeable trainers and top atmosphere!

Patrick Derkx 1 year ago

Great school, nice kickboxing

Bob van den Bree 1 year ago

Jan Peter van Zijl (aeejnprt) 1 year ago

No, I have not (yet) exercised there myself, but brought the young gentleman and lady (7 and 5) for training. They were nicely received by the sympathetic trainer. Children came back happy. Fun! Children happy, daddy happy, Gym Haarlem happy; for a good review. Oh yes, with children it is also handy that you can park the car in front of the door. No idea if you can or may sit inside when the kids are playing sports. Not asked, besides I was sitting outside with the dog.

Orihime 2 years ago

Super good lessons, the trainers are professional and all good guests.

Paul Viezee 2 years ago


Jessica Okkerse Meijnkens 2 years ago

Fun and good training from top trainers!

Roman 2 years ago

Relaxed atmosphere and tough training!

Sabine Schoorl 2 years ago

By far the best gym in Haarlem! The punching bag training is great, nice and heavy and always home with a smile, ?? it!

Jason Acevedo 2 years ago

Good gym with nice MMA / (Kick) boxing lessons

Marcia Hoogstede 2 years ago

I've been coming here for years nice gym and bag training is so much nicer than sitting on a machine boringly. There are also good personal trainers! Enough variety and offer

Laura Mittendorff 3 years ago

Very good gym, with a very relaxed and personal atmosphere! Good spicy kickboxing workouts that are really satisfying.

yassine bouzambou 3 years ago

Supernice. Great and fun people with challenging workouts. Looks motivational.

Kjell gootjes 3 years ago

A very nice gym!

Celine Weenk 3 years ago

Great trainers, good lessons and relaxed atmosphere. Top school!

Steven de Bruijn 3 years ago

Great gym. Great teachers. Very affordable. Good for fitness and (kick)boxing.

Rafaël Milou 3 years ago

Toppers! Always educational and fun

Rene Wessel 3 years ago

Top gym, super guidance and tough workouts.

S. HBA 3 years ago

Amazing gym, cant find better.

Levi Pieters 3 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Best gym from Haarlem

Emrah Özen 3 years ago

Nice atmosphere

AK_shooter79 S 3 years ago

Friendly nice people progression

Barry Van Diemen 3 years ago

As usual great training top gym hospitable trainers. Sport is accessible here for every level from recreational to professional boxing, kick boxing and MMA.

Dariusz Marciniak 3 years ago

There is a great atmosphere and there are great trainers who can conduct training I recommend

Khalid Redouani 3 years ago

Top in every way. Nice atmosphere, top training by professionals. Many options in the house ...

MrFloydnorton 4 years ago

Best gym ever

André Ferreira 4 years ago

Best gym in Haarlem

Rosanne Bijvoets 4 years ago

Very nice workshop done with the children. Nice staff who go the extra mile. Toppers

Patrick Vermaat 4 years ago

Pleasant gym, where a tough workout goes hand in hand with a good atmosphere. Excellent guidance by experienced trainers.

By Marco 4 years ago

Wonderful gym

Evgenia 4 years ago

Nice place for martial arts training.

Jeffrey X 4 years ago

Awesome place for martial arts training! Friendly coaches and members.

KC ALi 4 years ago

The step to a gym was a big one for me. The people at Gym Haarlem always treat me with respect even though I certainly don't look like an athlete. Everyone is taken into account here. Exercising will never be my hobby, but thanks to personal guidance I have been doing it for more than 3 years.

Dariusz Malicki 4 years ago

Very nice place to train in various disciplines, very good greetings

Leen Walker 5 years ago

Top gym with a top atmosphere

Ludwig Westeveld 5 years ago

Good gym! Helpful and very friendly!

Jeroen van diemen 5 years ago

Good gym. Besides kickboxing, boxing and mma there are also several group lessons in strength training such as circuit, power and kettlebell training. You can even go here for yoga! Trainings are always good and heavy and are given by experienced trainers. The atmosphere is always good and cheerful. I spent many hours here laughing. Super gym highly recommended for young and old!

Angelique Dreijer 5 years ago

Top gym. Atmospheric. Family feeling. Everyone equally. And make you sweat with charms and right intentions. Totally awesome.

joystick overdrive 5 years ago

Affordable, no nonsense fight school and fitness hall. Cool relaxed owner and employees. Perfect for anyone serious about their sport.

david habich (Havix) 5 years ago

Cozy and they motivate you in a fantastic way to get moving. No nagging and no mess is allowed here.

Jeroen Snellen 6 years ago

Gym Haarlem is great! Good vibes, train hard

Piet Rozendaal 6 years ago

Sports people with a boxing heart toppers

Ludwig .West 6 years ago

Best gym duh...

Gerrit Jacobsen 6 years ago

Super gym. You feel at home quickly

Martin van Geldorp 6 years ago

Such a nice atmosphere, the more you come gives you a feeling that you belong And great guidance

Arsen Kalymov 6 years ago

Great gym with great guidance

Horia Constantin 7 years ago

This is a very very awesome gym. They are very friendly, with good teachers and a lot of timeslots with contact sports (basically, you can kick someone or a boxing bag every day of the week (including weekends :) ), on more than one time slot. It's just great :) (did I mention that it's quite cheap too? )

Yanick Simmons 7 years ago

Top atmosphere! Good trainer, nice training and it is absolutely good for your fitness

Wout Jekel 7 years ago

Top gym Friendly and professional trainers with a wide range So as a beginner or experienced fighter you will certainly get value for money here

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