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Bij PT Leeuwarden werken we aan duurzaam resultaat. Samen met jou brengen we je persoonlijke doelen in kaart en maken we een realistisch, werkzaam en gericht programma. Als personal trainer in Leeuwarden helpen we je onder andere bij:


PT-Leeuwarden personal training heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

PT-Leeuwarden personal training: Meningen

Erik Krikke 1 year ago

Due to the personal attention, duo-PT suits me very well. Evert always takes my back problems into account. Not a massive gym, this is much more effective for me. Fun, challenging and enjoyable training sessions.

Maaike Bangma 1 year ago

Super training from Arjan. Pleasant atmosphere and motivating environment. Very nice and personal guidance! Very satisfied!

Elyse Fabbricotti 1 year ago

I've been boxing with Evert for a while now. This is very nice! We are not only concerned with technique, but also with building condition. This variety is very nice. It is always nice to train with Evert. There is always time for a nice chat and you feel seen.

Renée Leferink 1 year ago

Been working on personal guidance from Evert for a few months now, I really like it! The motivation to exercise more often is back and I almost reached my goal to get stronger and lose pounds so I'm very happy with it!

Matthijs Mohlmann 1 year ago

I had been walking with complaints about my back for some time. After I was finally ready to do something about it, I started looking and I came across PT-Leeuwarden. After telling about my complaints, Evert immediately indicated that these are recognizable problems and easy to solve. Well, I knew that, after 4x training I already started to notice the improvement! And now after a few months I can't remember the last time I had problems with my back. Evert has a lot of experience in coaching, which is reflected in his critical view. You get a very effective training in return (and you get stronger physically and mentally). The personal attention and the good atmosphere is very good, which means that the training also goes well (it is always over before I know it).

Jessica Schut 1 year ago

Weekly training with Evert for 6 months. Good structure in the training sessions, Evert is sharp on your attitude and teaches you the right techniques.

Wopke van der Kooi 1 year ago

Trained for a number of months at Evert, fun and professional training, really a professional.

Linda de Jong 1 year ago

The small group training sessions are highly recommended. Besides the fact that it is fun to train together, there is still a lot of personal attention and the possibility to achieve your goals.

Lynne 1 year ago

We have been training together at PT-Leeuwarden for six months now. Each week we do different exercises that fit our different training goals. Evert guides us during the training in performing the exercises with attention to technique. He does this in a sympathetic and pleasant way. And he challenges us to do just that little bit more every week. As a result, we notice that we are getting stronger and fitter. The training is a moment in the week to look forward to.

Meindert Jan Winkel 1 year ago

Nice place to exercise. The guidance from PT Leeuwarden is good. The duo pt lessons were tailored to our wishes.

Mirjam Delea 1 year ago

The 3 of us follow training with André. He challenges us in a fun way to always go one step further without losing sight of how we are doing. He knows well what we can handle. The atmosphere is cozy and there is room for a personal conversation.

Jelmer Miedema 2 years ago

I have been working out with Evert for some time now. Not only does he guide you well in the field of sports, he also provides you with good tips for a varied diet. His enthusiasm and knowledge mean that you want and can get everything out of it.

Tijn Sturkenboom 2 years ago

I have been following personal training at PT-Leeuwarden for a while for injury prevention in my sport (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu). The trainer, through his genuine involvement during the sessions, made me aware of exactly where the weak links in my body and lifestyle lie, and helps me improve them every week. In terms of fitness, he sees things that many would not see.

gina de Jong 2 years ago

A very good and sweet personal trainer! We learned a lot!

Remco Sikkes 2 years ago

I came to Evert after having been working on getting rid of my shoulder / neck injury for more than six months. I made significant progress with him in the first months and after six months I am now free of complaints. In addition, we are now building sustainable muscle building in order to remain complaint-free in the future. He tailors the plan to the person and is also a winner to work with. Definitely recommend.

W De wilde 2 years ago

After I chose a specific goal for myself. I went looking for a personal trainer to match. (Knowledge, expertise, certainly also in the field of explosiveness). Many gyms offer a fitness trainer A who have also taken a course to become a personal trainer. Evert offers much more in my opinion. Also noticeably has a college background and experience with athletes. Because of this I already had the expectation that the training would be an addition to my own knowledge. This turned out to be absolutely true. Top trainer who is committed and skilled!

Lotte van Zuiden 2 years ago

An absolute top trainer! He motivates you enormously with the training and also gives advice on nutrition. Twice a week for an hour and with a load of humor. Never different!

Rintje Miedema 2 years ago

Positive: Professionalism

Albert 2 years ago

Since March this year (2021) I started training at pt-leeuwarden. Within pt-leeuwarden there are several trainers, one of which is linked to me. Together we discussed my goals and we got started. In addition to sports, diet/nutrition, exercise in daily life/work & mental health are also considered. I am currently busy achieving my desired goals in a fun and varied way of personal training, sports and coaching. I definitely recommend PT Leeuwarden, because I am very satisfied with the expertise of the trainers, the short lines you have with the trainers and the nice atmosphere and variety that prevails within the training sessions.

k tienstra 2 years ago

After two months (twice a week) training with Evert time for a review. Are you looking for efficient, varied training and not afraid to achieve great results? Then you've come to the right place! Both your nutrition and your movements are critically assessed and any limitations, such as back pain, are taken into account. Evert has years of extensive knowledge and experience in training, motivating and coaching athletes and I experience this as an absolute added value for my own training sessions. Personally, I like to be able to train together calmly and focused without any distraction. I now feel stronger and fitter, not only physically, but also mentally and you may also be able to use that well in this special time! For me, these training sessions are a valuable investment in my health, in addition to achieving weight loss, my (light) physical complaints are significantly reduced. Also good to know, Evert can withstand deadly looks, and lets you continue where you would otherwise have stopped. Humor and empathy are included in the training!

Cynthia de Jong 2 years ago

Very happy with Evert as a personail trainer. I really started as a beginner in terms of exercises. And so it was quite scary to start. But Evert puts you at ease. He also helps me very well with my diet.

Merel 2 years ago

Evert is the only person who gets me to exercise. I enjoy working out every time and notice that I am getting fitter and stronger. Evert pushes you to the limit, but is also definitely in for a joke. My big stick and motivator to be happy with slightly smaller successes!

JM Noordmans 2 years ago

Together with my boyfriend I have been training at Evert for four months now. The training courses are super diverse, challenging and tailored to the goals you have set. Moreover, you are well guided during the training, so that you are actually working effectively. They also think about how you can use food in a smarter way with small adjustments. All in all, very happy that we chose PT-Leeuwarden!

Aukje de Vries 3 years ago

Working out with Evert once a week since October. Lots of variety in the lessons. Evert is a committed and motivating trainer. Highly recommended!

Sanne Heijmering 3 years ago

Thanks to Evert I have found pleasure in sports for the first time in my life. He gives very good advice (on nutrition, exercise and mindset) and adapts his lessons to your personal goals. He also challenges you in a positive way to push your limits. Evert is really a committed and fun trainer, so if you consider working with a personal trainer, I can definitely recommend PT-Leeuwarden!

Michel Hoksberg 3 years ago

Top trainer! Know where he is and the training is well organized. You will also receive advice on nutrition and you will be weighed every two weeks. I would definitely recommend Evert!

Pytsje de Groot 3 years ago

Top trainer!

Eric Kaimer 3 years ago

I have been working out at Evert for about two months now and have already seen significant progress. He has a good understanding of things and gives good advice that you can really use. I am very satisfied with the personal training he gives, highly recommended. Just do it !!

Linze Valk 4 years ago

Evert Dijkstra is a committed and highly skilled Personal Trainer! ... I benefit greatly from his guidance.

Nico 4 years ago

Good guidance based on a sustainable result in the long term. The program is completely customized and adapted per person to what works best for you.

Anna Fawcett 4 years ago

Can Evert certainly recommend ... was not like that at the gym, but now that I come to Evert twice a week, I have also found extra motivation to exercise extra. Always go here with pleasure. I am now achieving results thanks to the good nutrition schedules he makes

Melle Renema 4 years ago

Train since February with Evert. The training courses are of a high level. Being serious and occasionally some weak humor. Nice combination. Results very happy with it so far.

Margret Havinga 4 years ago

Since January 2019 I have been sporting with great pleasure at Evert. He adjusts the training to my wishes and also looks where extra training is needed i.r.t. injury or immobility. In addition to the customized training, he is also very social in personal contact. I feel stronger and fitter. Because of the two weekly weighing and the nutritional advice from Evert, I started to eat more consciously, which also has a positive effect on my overall health.

Nanda Tuinstra 4 years ago

Happy with! I've been training twice a week at Evert's for almost a year and I've felt much healthier, stronger and fitter ever since. He pushes you to the limit but doesn't shy away from a joke every now and then

Frederik Boomsma 4 years ago

Seeking strength for sports was personally necessary and mass gyms are not for me. Evert's personal guidance has ensured that I have started to enjoy sports again. He can motivate like no other and after a year of sports with him I am very happy with the result already achieved. Fitter, more shape and less fat as desired. He is personal in a positive way and he levels in a fun and fine way. I definitely recommend PT-Leeuwarden.

Evelien Mutgeert 5 years ago

Evert is a serious, friendly trainer, who ensures that you go one step further in a very calm and positive way. He has extensive knowledge about nutrition and exercise. He takes the time to make a plan and to guide you properly.

Jesse Bosma 5 years ago

Started the new football season significantly fitter with the PT-L Summer Camp. Evert is very passionate and knows what he is doing, thanks guy

Femke Westerlaan 5 years ago

Since February I work out once a week at Evert, sweating for an hour under professional guidance. Where I didn't reach the 15 squads or push-ups at other gyms, Evert motivates me to finish the series. Quitting is not an option and that is what I need. Evert is driven, always remains positive and thanks to his good coaching ensures that I keep working on my goal!

fleur x 5 years ago

Have been going to Evert once a week for almost a year for almost a year. That is much longer than I expected.

Eric-Jan Westerhof 5 years ago

Fantastic guidance and motivation. After six months of training with Evert, I have made enormous strides. Evert gives good training / guidance and is very motivated and interested, you are not only busy with training, training, training but also with what is around it, rest and nutrition.

Anja Dijkstra 5 years ago

Serious hard worker. Clear vision of his work. Many new ideas that fit into this time. Personal guidance appropriate to his customers. Is able to motivate customers well and to achieve the set goals. Top!

Lotte Brouwer 5 years ago

In December I won four sessions of duo training with a friend. I couldn't get myself together for six months after giving birth, so this prize was perfect! After the four training sessions, we decided to book another ten sessions, and they have just ended. Thanks to Evert I found the pleasure in sports again and I learned a lot from him. I notice that I can now perform my own training better because I learned the technique well from him. In addition, he pushes you in a nice way to challenge yourself. "I can't do that" does not exist in his booklet, I think, within your own possibilities and any "limitations" he will work with you to find a way to achieve your goals. In the months that I have trained with Evert, I have lost weight and become significantly stronger. But what really matters to me is really the rediscovered fun in strength training. I would absolutely recommend it!

Danielle En Sander Schriemer 5 years ago

Perfect fit for the new season, thanks to the excellent Summer Camp of PT-Leeuwarden

Maaike Boersma 5 years ago

Evert is a driven and motivating personal trainer who makes every effort for you!

Alianne dijk 5 years ago

Evert motivates and teaches you to consciously (er) deal with your body. A very good way to strengthen your body and mind. Not only hard work, but also personal coaching, measurements and nutritional advice. I am very happy that I started exercising at PT-Leeuwarden!

Jeanine Slagter 5 years ago

I barely or not sported for years. I had subscriptions to different gyms that I never or hardly ever went to. Since February, I now enjoy working out at Evert twice (!) A week. He is my big stick and makes me excited. In the small groups training you have good guidance and he stimulates you to go to extremes. I therefore advise everyone to work at PT-Leeuwarden and thus become fitter!

Daan smit 5 years ago

In 5 weeks I made myself race fit at Evert. The training was aimed at fitness and strength, but above all a lot of fun to do. I have already been able to reap the benefits of this in the first races of the season. Evert is a fun and professional trainer. Worth repeating!

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