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Bloemenweg 65
6221 TT, Maastricht
+31 43 852 1988


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–17:00
  • zondag: 09:00–17:00

Bekijk Sportcenter Bodyvision's uitgebreide aanbod in groepslessen. Op zoek naar een Personal trainer of de nieuwe EMS training? Bekijk onze lestijden en tarieven en schrijf je snel in voor een gratis proefweek! Nu ook unieke workshops zoals Polefitness en Burlesque!

Ons motto:  "sporten met plezier!" Uit onderzoek blijkt dat mensen die regelmatig sporten vrolijker zijn door de aanmaak van 'feelgood' hormonen. Ze zijn onder andere meer ontspannen, energieker, hebben meer zelfvertrouwen én slapen beter. Het vakkundige en ervaren team van Bodyvision Sportcenter zorgt er samen met jou voor dat sporten plezierig wordt. In een persoonlijke sfeer, met vakkundige begeleiding zorgen wij voor jou! Bij ons ben je in bijzonder goede handen om op een ontspannen en leuke manier je (sportieve) doel te bereiken.


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Bodyvision: Meningen

Marta Podolsak 1 year ago

Best gym in the city! Most friendly staff ever. ❤️

Jounaid Beaufils 1 year ago

Nice atmosphere, great personal trainers

Christian Matyi 1 year ago

EDIT: Previously four stars, but I bumped it up to five stars. I was in Maastricht from the USA visiting my brother, and was frustrated how hard it was to find a gym with decent weights that also welcomed heavy lifting and bodybuilding. Which was why I was so glad to find Bodyvision, and found it an awesome little gym to train hard and lift heavy. In general it seems the Maastricht area does not cater to bodybuilding or powerlifting. Yes, there are places for fitness, but none that seemed too welcoming to heavy lifting. Now, because Maastricht is lively city and has lots of young people, a typical American might assume there would be more gyms catering to strength training. But alas, that is not the case. From an outsider's perspective, athleticism seems to be more valued among the Dutch, but not so much heavy lifting or bodybuilding. Which thus makes it frustrating for someone like with over 25 years of bodybuilding and strength training experience to find a place to fit in. Bodyvision was that place! I was looking for a space where I could do my own thing with well kept equipment – Bodyvision met this perfectly! Equipment was all very well kept, and I appreciated that there was space for real heavy lifting as well as many machines for bodybuilding. It is quite remarkable how well they fit everything into a rather compact facility; it impressed me. I was working out when it was not crowded, but if you went at a very crowded time, keep in mind the small space. The locker rooms are complete, yet small. However, this is a gym that is about doing great work, not about being pampered, so it was completely forgivable. What I found impressive was how much care the staff takes. I mentioned casually that there were a few minor cobwebs, and the next time I visited they were cleaning the whole place! That is special. I am no neat freak, and actually appreciate a little roughness in a gym, but really appreciated the attention tot these details! In the end, I am grateful to this remarkable little "serious" gym, and intend to go back when I come again to Maastricht to visit my family staying here. It is exactly what an "American bodybuilder" would need while away from home. Thanks, Bodyvision.

Hassan Moafa 1 year ago


Badger#87 1 year ago

Best gym in town

Ger Halmans 2 years ago

A very nice gym as a gym should be. If I had to give it a point I would give it an 11 from 1-10 and because it's just a shame it's not even about the money but you can see from the staff that they really do it because they like it.

John Kruse 2 years ago

Everything is perfectly arranged and people adhere to the rules.

dj leo remmers 3 years ago


Mark Dolmans 3 years ago

Nice place to work out. Professional guidance. And friendly people. You can buy and order xxl nutrition items. Top!

Johan Berghmans 3 years ago

My most favorite gym in Maastricht. You can work out there, but you can also take group lessons. In addition, you will be approached very personally. This is in contrast to the big chains such as basic fit, where you are only a number.

Mariëlle Speets 3 years ago

Top, well trained with new exercises. Coached the day before yesterday. Super thanks!

Frenk Kuipers 4 years ago

The nicest gym in Maastricht and surroundings with top guidance.

Pascal Piquer 4 years ago

Best gym in town

Frank Ar 4 years ago

Best gym in Maastricht. Friendly staff and personal trainers who are happy to help you when you need help and / or explanation. Fine group lessons and a nice canteen to enjoy something after your workout

hayley Douse 4 years ago

Best gym I've ever joined. Friendly staff and a personal trainer who is happy to help you whenever you need help. And included classes for not too expensive

Paul Dassen 4 years ago

Best gym in town

Idir 5 years ago

Very nice and beautiful gym, nice owners and there is a pleasant atmosphere. Personal trainer and owner Paul is very good at his profession and ensures that you get the most out of yourself!

Olimpia Karat 5 years ago

Perfect play's and nice people !

samir nahil 5 years ago

Good sports place

Wannie Den Boer 5 years ago

nice there

Fred Aussems 5 years ago

Nice sports center where everything is available for a total workout and fine group lessons under the professional guidance of the trainers.

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