Informatie over Koepelhof

Koepelstraat 84
6224 LW, Maastricht
+31 43 631 4800


Koepelhof heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.


Koepelhof heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Koepelhof: Meningen

Heidi Kessen 3 months ago

My father enjoys living here.

Michel Frijns 1 year ago

Mooi huis, met veel vakbekwame medewerkers! Bewoners staan hier centraal!

56athos 2 years ago

Friendly staff

Sylvia Huppertz 2 years ago

Invdia super caring .delicious food in restaurants where possible like to come with friends famlie .where Christmas is super catered for famlie are also welcome mussels. Worth the price, also the care, this had again get on care, thank you for everything hope until 2022 makes us strong together in positive strength and always comfort is the listening ear is human understanding brave word for these bizarre hard times. I wish you despite the weather lok .down sit down happy holidays and very well happy blessed and everything that benefits you may be blessed in your angels and our salvation 2022 better year with joy hope professional see what kind of you family time give love this whopper often miss you at home . thank you at home frond famlie Kids see them far too little because of this tough job .

Hans Prohl 3 years ago

Nice environment

Gèr Van Deijck 3 years ago

great care and nursing home.

johan geijen 4 years ago

Good care for the residents.

Renato Bosshart 4 years ago

nice staff good canteen

SMPH 4149 4 years ago

Curly workplace

J Smeets 4 years ago

Excellent care home

Gerda Reneerkens 5 years ago

Nice to get into your evening and often win something.

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