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Skronsel heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Skronsel: Meningen

Merlijn Hesselink 2 years ago

Your day is not complete without a visit to the Skronsel™️ gym. The aforementioned henniezuennies, often supplied by Skronselboys and obtained through dirty bietsings, have become an indispensable part of my daily schedule.

Creamo Alli 2 years ago

This is the perfect place to lose your grams. Public and very friendly people.

Jordi In de Braek 3 years ago

Best gym in maasje

Blue XKC 3 years ago

Fitness first

thr6x 3 years ago

again great spot

Pepijn Kolber 3 years ago

I have been to this gym several times in the meantime, and have already lost a lot of grams. I have met many motivated and specialized people here. After much practice, I start to get to grips with the technique. 5/5

Thijs Hanssen 3 years ago

Positive: Quality

Noël Janssen 3 years ago

The best gym in Maastricht, suitable for the best henney zuenneys, with a lot of space for all your gym activities.

Lucas de Korte 3 years ago

Gymlife is the only life of course, Skronsel gym helps me enormously with this.

Roemer vanderElsen 3 years ago

In the first place, a very professional gym, where many new contacts are made with people (mainly street people) and also with plants such as the well-known cannabis plant or, in the words of Big Street, Moroccan hashish. Also many delicious drum pies present in this gym, drum pies can be experienced as heavenly and admittedly the best type of tobacco.

Boris Lambooij 4 years ago

Nice place to work out with nice motivated people. Skronsel also helps with a positive change in your lifestyle. #GYMLIFE

Max Restifo 4 years ago

Skronsel has made me the man I am today. Far from the best gym compared to the baffoe boys and the students kief. 5/5

Adam Sapir 4 years ago

dankzij skronsel™ is mijn leven op elk gebied beter geworden, verder zijn er meerdere hennie zuennie's gepullt, en zijn er vele ez chillings ondernomen ^ / \ / \ / \ | | | | | | \ \ / \ \/ /\ \ / \ \ | | | | | | \ / \ / \ / v

Fleur Linssen 4 years ago

Best and most professional gym where I have had many good experiences. Highly recommended, go to this gym 5 times a week!

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