Informatie over Basic-Fit Nijmegen Kerkenbos

Kerkenbos 1115
6546 BC, Nijmegen


  • maandag: 07:00–22:30
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:30
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:30
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:30
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:30
  • zaterdag: 09:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00

Ben je op zoek naar een sportschool? ➽ Kom dan fitnessen bij Basic-Fit Nijmegen Kerkenbos ★ Schrijf je nu online in!

Basic-Fit geeft je de mogelijkheid om fit te worden zoals jij dat zelf wil. Dat doen we onder andere door het aanbieden van verschillende lidmaatschappen. Kies het lidmaatschap dat het beste aansluit bij jouw wensen en doelen en go for it!


Basic-Fit Nijmegen Kerkenbos heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Basic-Fit Nijmegen Kerkenbos: Meningen

Marc ter Keurst 1 year ago

Kerkenbos is by far the best Basic-Fit in Nijmegen and the surrounding area. Spacious, neat and all equipment is available. Unfortunately, there are more people who think this way, so you hardly intervene in covid times.

Shirley Hendriks 1 year ago

Nice and neat place nice people around you

Sylvia Sewalt 1 year ago

Super nice

Andy 1 year ago

The best in Nijmegen... Spacious and you can enjoy sports in a relaxed way compared to other locations in Nijmegen, this is the best

Patrick Boogaard 1 year ago

Enjoy sports with nice people, especially being equal suits me well .. young old fit or beginner you are valued. Nice equipment and a lot.

Mustafa Rico 1 year ago

Started training today at 12:00. This is the best basic fit I've been to! Large space and friendly staff.

Maurice de Chateau 1 year ago

Nice hall, equipment and weights look neat

Rodlimar Centeno 1 year ago

Good Basic-Fit location. Staff is friendly and it is neat and clean. Highly recommended!

Clayton Wanders 1 year ago

Super club and super staff and club manager! And memberships are super good, no problem at all…

Cihan Demir 1 year ago

Top gym, Top staff, and a very good location. Highly recommended!!

Eileen Donnelly 1 year ago

Super fun club! And certainly the most beautiful in Nijmegen super friendly staff. I will happily go there!!

Carl Heidweiller 1 year ago

Nice sports school. Great training today and fun sports friends and who also have the same goal.

Chantal Bakker 1 year ago

The most beautiful basic fit in Nijmegen, only the music is very loud so that you barely hear your own audio training.

Leo Dijksterhuis 2 years ago

Despite Corona still nice to be able to exercise.

Khondoker Istehad Kabir (Mitul) 2 years ago

Fits your needs.

Rifet Okic 2 years ago

Because this is the largest Basic-Fit in Nijmegen, this should have been the 24 hours… It is super spacious inside and clear, you can see just about everything from every angle, there are also plenty of equipment and training equipment. The location is relatively remote, but close to Dukenburg station, right over the big roundabout As with most Basic-Fits, I only like the treadmills a bit, the ventilation is nothing and that's just what you need at CARDIO if you want to run fast and/or long. Of the 10 clubs I go to, only Boxmeer has extremely good treadmills… (all equipment by the way) The music…., I often have earplugs in…, but you are welcomed with a pleasant beat when you enter. Do find it nice and energetic when you are greeted with beats, it is certainly not too soft or loud here. Beautiful Tent ⛺️

So Ronery 2 years ago

Fijnste Basic-Fit in Nijmegen. Veel parkeergelegenheid. Ruim opgezet, veel apparatuur, over het algemeen netjes en opgeruimd en da's in veel andere vestigingen wel anders.

Wilco Ringelestein 2 years ago

well organized spacious

M. van Baal 2 years ago

Well taken care of. Everything you need to keep fit.

Brammie 3 years ago

Few weeks ago I went to this club which I think is neat and clean and nice and spacious and sufficient equipment you don't have to wait and in my opinion the nicest club I have had so far after 3 years of sports experience. I just need to say that my niece has had a bad experience with the personal trainer Dave who is at this club. She had to pay a (large) amount for an interview while she indicated that she did not want to work with them. It was not said in advance that you have to pay an x ​​amount for a call. Heavy sewing area and she is no longer there and wants nothing to do with him. So starting athletes who need guidance should go somewhere else than this blackmailer. You don't treat people that way.

Tom Sluijs 3 years ago


Murad M 3 years ago

Great gym, many devices, modern. Certainly for the money you pay, it is worth it.

Mohammed “Ibn Batota1867” Chagri 4 years ago

Great sports opportunity

Eric Vernes 4 years ago

Nice case good advice staff neat

Backsound Backsound 4 years ago

Nice neat gym and friendly staff. His very helpful and atmosphere is good.

Ron Van kolck 4 years ago

Spacious and many devices

Tim Spies 4 years ago

Nice size room, lots of appliances and space to do your own thing

Han holthuijsen 4 years ago

Very nice location for training.

Fattest White Guy ever 4 years ago

New devices but busy on the Monday evening

Sgt. Catbread 4 years ago

A really beautiful aquarium, I love coming here

Earl Kerriage 4 years ago

John Janssen 4 years ago

Enjoy sports and sweating

Super Derp 4 years ago

Most beautiful basic fit in the Netherlands

Krystian Wojtala 4 years ago

Top gym

Mina Kalinovic van Dijk 4 years ago

One of the best Basic fit in Nijmegen. Not even close to the other one. All new, a lot place for everything, clean... Only it is a bit far from my home, but in summer time I will go more then now. Comparing to the one in Hattert omg - that one is closer but way to dirty and full.

Mike Van Hoek 4 years ago

Best and largest in the country hea

Darjush Kolahi 5 years ago

One of the larger Basic-Fits in Nijmegen and in general not too many people are present, so there are a lot of free devices to operate.

tim smit 5 years ago

Toppie. Space was there

hard beats 5 years ago

Good gym very satisfied

Aaron Koster 5 years ago

Spacious and an abundance of equipment

Joke Eskes 5 years ago

open 24 hours

Seva X 5 years ago

This basic fit has more modern equipment than the location 'road through Jonkerbos' is also much more spacious

V Codrington 5 years ago

Super nice gym modern and many equipment

Thijs Roseboom 6 years ago

Great gym spacious.

Koen Hofman 6 years ago

A bit busy

Jeroen Reeskamp 6 years ago

Lots of space and enough equipment so hardly have to wait.

Valery Hageman 6 years ago

Never too busy in my opinion and nice and spacious!

Fred Koobs 6 years ago

The best basic fit in Nijmegen

Boris Mulder 6 years ago

Plenty of room to exercise

De Gele Panda's 6 years ago

Always make me sweat, is fine

Dennis Braun 6 years ago

Nice spacious gym.

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