Informatie over Lady's Gym Kralingen

Oostzeedijk 230
3063 BP, Rotterdam
+31 10 452 8794


  • maandag: 09:00–21:30
  • dinsdag: 09:00–21:30
  • woensdag: 09:00–21:30
  • donderdag: 09:00–21:30
  • vrijdag: 09:00–20:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–14:00
  • zondag: 10:00–14:00

Lady’s Gym Kralingen is een gezellige sportschool voor dames je terecht voor fitness en cardiotraining onder deskundige begeleiding zeven dagen per week.

Voor €25 per maand kun je een jaar lang onbeperkt sporten bij Lady’s Gym Kralingen. Wil je niet een jaar vast zitten aan een abonnement? Geen probleem er zijn genoeg andere voordelige opties! 

Lady’s Gym Kralingen is een gezellige sportschool voor dames. Bij Lady’s gym kun je terecht voor fitness, cardio en groepslessen onder deskundige begeleiding, zeven dagen per week!

Voor €25 per maand kun je een jaarlang onbeperkt sporten bij Lady’s Gym Kralingen. Na het eerste termijn van 12 maanden is het abonnement maandelijks opzegbaar.

Geen probleem! Je kunt er voor kiezen om steeds een losse maand te nemen. Voor slechts €40 kun je van maand tot maand trainen zonder dat je abonnement automatisch wordt verlengd.

Voor €30 per maand kun je een half jaar lang sporten bij Lady’s Gym Kralingen. Na het eerste termijn van 6 maanden is het abonnement maandelijks opzegbaar

”Heel professioneel en staan je met raad en daad bij. Ze kunnen weleens met elkaar dollen, maar zeker niet met de klanten. Ik ben enorm tevreden en hoop hier nog lang te kunnen trainen. Ook omdat het hier super schoon wordt gehouden.

Wanneer je eigenlijk geen zin hebt en toch gaat, kom je met dubbele energie weer thuis. Je gaat mee in het fanatisme van de sportdocenten. Helemaal geweldig en goed voor lijf en leden.”

”De eigenaresse Bep houdt van een geintje en is altijd vriendelijk en het personeel met name Claudia en Sil al helemaal! Echt toppers staan altijd klaar om te helpen, adviseren en een schemaatje voor je te maken. Daarnaast kan je heerlijk met ze lachen en kletsen.”

Maandag           09.00 – 21.30                                          Dinsdag             09.00 – 21.30                     Woensdag         09.00 – 21.30 Donderdag        09.00 – 21.30 Vrijdag                09.00 – 20.00 Zaterdag             09.00 – 14.00 Zondag               10.00 – 14.00


Lady's Gym Kralingen heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Lady's Gym Kralingen: Meningen

boekhandel delfshaven 3 months ago

Great, friendly help and everything super clean. The lessons are tough and with a good teacher. Great value for money which is also very cheap.

Rosa D'Andrea 3 months ago

Staff is super nice and the gym is always clean and well managed. Love coming here!

Lilli Franz 3 months ago

Nice staff, good equipment and luckily a big weight section! Definitely recommend. Free trial training as well.

Sandra Huizer 4 months ago

Nice gym!

Esmee Arends (NL) 4 months ago

Great classes and instructors, always clean an the most friendly staff. My favourite workout place!

Sara BS 4 months ago

De beste Gym!!! Love you Bepp! ?? and the team!

Floriska JOOSSE 4 months ago

Lady's Gym Kralingen is a nice but above all safe environment for all women to train. The staff are helpful and professional. There is sufficient equipment and a good offer for group lessons. The climate control and hygiene are also top notch and not unimportant, the prices are a lot lower than at an average gym. I have enjoyed training here for many years and wouldn't want it any other way.

S R 4 months ago

Amazing classes!!

Elly Van Der Voorde 5 months ago

To all ladies in Rotterdam and surroundings: Join the fun! You're having a good time, even with your face laughing. The wrinkles just disappear on their own, no more botox and a toned body. So quickly become a member of this fine and especially pleasant gym. Oh yes, which is also very important, a subscription is also easy to pay.

Nadia Ela 5 months ago

I like it

Ano Niem 5 months ago

Just awesome! Good atmosphere and very helpful staff all feel totally comfortable here. Both the owner and other staff are always friendly, competent and helpful. The teacher of Fight fun even has special adjustments in the group lesson for me. Have some physical problems with muscles etc. Due to an auto immune disease and so I can still participate in my way. I definitely recommend this gym ladies!

Sterling and Anders Schuyler 6 months ago

Affordable, great classes, and a really comfortable atmosphere. I especially enjoy Body Pump with Juanita and XCore with Jaimie. I highly recommend for any woman looking for a gym

Ilse Sjoerdsma 1 year ago

Very nice open communication, and only girls/women/ladies, so having fun and taking care of the necessary hygiene together!

Elizabeth Van Doorn 1 year ago

Safe training at 1.5 meters

Nadash Said 1 year ago

Very cool, I recommend joining this beautiful club

Aisheline Hodge 1 year ago

Nice gym

Shelina Dnl 1 year ago

Gezellige sportschool

Breejuh 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Fatima Karroumi 2 years ago

Het us wel oke vooral de zumba lessen vind ik leuk

Soad M 2 years ago

Great gym and relaxed staff. Train there with my daughter. Atmosphere is fine. Keyboard heroes may need to talk instead of posting nonsense reviews. At every gym you have to pay for your subscription and you have a notice period. Doesn't seem like rocket science to me ...

Kimberley K 2 years ago

I'm not quick on the reviews but just had to respond to the negativity! What is below is REALLY NOT TRUE. I am quite difficult and quickly find people rude or unfriendly, but that is simply NOT the case here. The owner Bep loves a joke and is always friendly and the staff especially Claudia and Sil are all the same! Really top players are always ready to help, advise and make a schedule for you. You can also laugh and chat with them. It might not be a big "luxury" gym, but if you really want to work out as a woman (so don't insta take photos with your hair perfect and makeup on or shine) this gym is IDEAL! Good equipment, nice group lessons, sauna, spinning and a new sunbed! In addition, there are ALL ALL races, colors, religions and ages and everyone treats each other with respect! Also with a David Lloyd (I used to do sports) you just do NOT get out of your contract unless you are really sick / injured for a long time or are going to emigrate so that is no reason to talk about this gym. Keep up the ladies gym !!! Xx Kim

mireille4you22 3 years ago

Different contracts. Wide range of lessons and devices. Professional guidance if desired and very pleasant. Recommended

Lydia Nipius 3 years ago

Too bad, those negative reviews. Has the owner also been called 'live' about this? Social media, very nice, but it is a shame that some people use this to give an anonymous opinion! If you don't agree with something, show the guts and say something about it. Wait what will be done with your complaint. If it is not solved to your liking, you can still post a review. I have been exercising here for about 5 years now and I think it is a pleasant, small-scale gym. On Monday I follow the group lessons given by the owner. They are always changing, therefore never boring and professional. She knows her customers, has humor (and uses it in the lessons), likes it when you are back and also mentions this. I am also satisfied with the other instructors. I know that when customers are not satisfied and she has not spoken to them herself, she even calls to ask how it can be solved. Therefore my surprise about the negativity. Maybe an idea to stop by and have a conversation?

s m 4 years ago

The nicest ladies gym

Anne van den Brand 4 years ago

Such a shame that a pretty annoying review has been posted! This gym really did not deserve that! Perhaps the holiday was a strength, because the owner was on holiday. I certainly cannot agree with this. I train here twice a week, since 2007. Never heard an unspoken word from the staff. These are very professional and assist you with advice and assistance. They may fool around with each other, but certainly not with the customers. I am very satisfied and hope to be able to train here for a long time. Also because it is kept super clean here. When you don't really feel like it and still go, you come home with double energy. You go along in the fanaticism of the sports teachers. Totally great and good for body and members.

Tiara Nataf 4 years ago

Love this gym. Its like a community. Might not be fancy but I go wirh pleasure several times a week, for 3 years now!

Gezond Verstand Gewichtscoach 4 years ago

Cozy and good lessons!

Layla El mahi 5 years ago

Cozy gym!

Lenie Van Vliet 5 years ago

The nicest gym in Rotterdam

Toeb Sanane 5 years ago

Cozy atmosphere small but is also not busy

Monika 5 years ago

Nice, safe place for all women

Nassira Antar 5 years ago

The best gym, customer friendly they tie your vesters yourself !!!

Iris de Bart 5 years ago

Great sports and super fun!

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