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2e Sint-Janshof 8
3011 SG, Rotterdam
+31 10 217 9340


  • maandag: 08:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 08:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 08:00–13:00
  • donderdag: 08:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 08:00–18:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–13:00
  • zondag: Gesloten

Meet the Physiomotion movement specialists. An international team of certified physical therapists. We provide proper diagnosis, treatment ánd training.

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Physiomotion is a physical therapy practice and gym in the center of Rotterdam. At Physiomotion we understand how the body works. We are curious about the individual. Your personal goals, needs, strengths and weaknesses are what drives us as physical therapists and personal trainers. 

For anyone who wants to have fun and stay fit, discover our fitness facilities and group lessons and take a look at our top-end personal training →

We embrace all available modern technology, using the best available methods to ensure reliable, objective analysis and optimal effective training. We offer advanced screening techniques such as Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, Capnometry®, Electro myography (EMG) and Functional Electro Stimulation (FES).


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Physiomotion | Fysiotherapie & sportschool Rotterdam: Meningen

4.6/5 (18 Meningen)
Jitske Venema 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: Can I ever have a second child without ending up in a wheelchair? I was seriously wondering after a first pregnancy with severe pelvic instability. I could barely walk from about 20 weeks and after the delivery I remained weak. Thanks to Stephanie and Joost, I am now, having just given birth to that desired second child, stronger than ever. I had hardly any pain during the pregnancy, I continued training until 36 weeks and I am already back to work. I literally never dreamed this. Stephanie and Joost know what they are talking about and immediately substantiate this. You also gain insight into your body and complaints again, for example by using the ultrasound device. I recommend them to everyone.

Mathijs Van Bragt 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Very pleasant and well helped with my sports injury!

Astrid Brison 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Super professional treatment and sports.

Nikki Schutte 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: After having visited two other physiotherapists, I (finally) found Stephanie. Very reliable and knowledgeable physiotherapist with lots of expertise regarding post partum recovery. I definitely appreciate her holistic approach, i.e. she's looking at connecting muscles/tissue that may cause / impact your injury, which might be crucial for good recovery.

Yvo Ferdinand van der hoek 3 years ago

Positieve ervaring: Excellent expertise, well guided. Only downside, they no longer have contracts with insurers.

D R 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Competent service and very friendly people! Back issues resolved really quickly, treatment explained clearly and the gym is great too (from DVP and DR).

Miranda Korz 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Physio with gym and pregnancy gym.

Bernardo Lima 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Throughout the years I've done more or less 15 to 20 sessions of physiotherapy at Physiomotion to treat knee pain and an acute case of back pain. The clinic is clean and has a nice and relaxed atmosphere. Special shout out to Guido, that help me to fix my back

Danielle Van Z 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Stephanie is very skilled!

Folkert Meijboom 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: After more than a year of absence, I started working out again at Physiomotion today, as part of the New Year's resolutions for 2019. It was like coming home. I was warmly welcomed (back), they knew exactly who I was, also that I hadn't been for a while and suggested I make a refresher appointment to explain the exercises, which had become a bit rusty. . Good atmosphere in the exercise room, nice people, a keen eye from the physiotherapists walking around to give people tips to do their exercises better and nice and clean equipment. I found the personal approach and the level of professional guidance very pleasant. Makes it easier, I hope, to stick to my New Year's resolution.

Damy Everaers 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Best physiotherapist I've had. The cause has been found and we have worked together on sustainable solutions.

Maja Žohar 5 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Fortunately I ended up here by accident when I started to suffer from my cauda syndrome again during my pregnancy. What heroes. Completely different physio than I have ever had and now a kind that really helped. I went to exercise next to it and even now I still enjoy it a lot after the delivery of my daughter. Never thought I could be so healthy and strong physically again.

Kim de Willigen 6 years ago

Positieve ervaring: Good guidance during exercise and skilled physiotherapists.

Maria 6 years ago

Positieve ervaring: Had a scan of abdominal muscles to see how to use and tighten them and good explanation.

Sanne Abel 6 years ago

Positieve ervaring: Very nice gym with professional guidance. The mothers in motion program is highly recommended for pregnant women!

Nicola Zannis 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: The combination of sport and therapy has changed my life. I have already recommended Physiomotion to many of my acquaintances and friends. You will be given the tools to get rid of your complaints permanently. The therapists are professional and go the extra mile.

Sarah van Gestel 7 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Incredibly nice and in my opinion very knowledgeable therapists and employees! Always prepared for tips and explanation. The mothers in motion 5-step plan is super comprehensive and well set up. Very nice place to exercise supervised and responsible.

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