Informatie over Fit For Free Sportschool Utrecht Leidsche Rijn

Dirck Hoetweg 5
3541 BH, Utrecht


  • maandag: 06:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 06:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 06:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 06:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 06:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–17:00
  • zondag: 08:00–17:00

Fit For Free is dé sportschool in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn. Onbeperkt fitness op de manier die bij jou past. Word nu lid of kom een keer proefsporten.

Sportschool Fit For Free Utrecht Leidsche Rijn is hét fitnesscentrum in Utrecht, waar je op de manier kan sporten die bij jou past. Wil je ontdekken of fitness wat voor je is? Je mag gerust komen proefsporten bij ons. Vraag daarvoor gemakkelijk een dagpas aan, waarmee je gebruik kunt maken van alle faciliteiten en/of een groepsles volgen. We helpen je graag op weg in de Fit For Free club aan de Dirck Hoetweg 5!


Fit For Free Sportschool Utrecht Leidsche Rijn heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Fit For Free Sportschool Utrecht Leidsche Rijn: Meningen

Luuk Scharff 1 week ago

Enjoy working out, perfect guidance! Highly recommended for those looking for a gym. Luuk

Asha Pradeep 3 weeks ago

Gym is my place

Mustafa hanc? 4 months ago


Patrik whyucare 7 months ago

Never go to a gym without a specific, realistic, time-bound, and measurable goal.

Selinda Jones 10 months ago

Fine, but could be cleaned better. Entrance under the spiders. Also quite dusty inside.

Marc Straten 11 months ago


Pankaj Gupta 1 year ago

Good gym for both light and heavy workout

Jeroen 1 year ago

Great fitness / gym. With fit for free book and you can enter via the app - works well. Corona is also a thing here: a limited number of athletes inside, but anticipated quickly. Pleasant atmosphere with a good price / quality ratio.

Nandita Steinmann 1 year ago

Great place to exercise. Nice staff and everything nice and clean.

Ari Mpour 1 year ago

Good gym

Chantal Troost 1 year ago

Pleasant and spacious location of Fit For Free. Experienced and fine (fitness) instructors and instructors. Nice for everyone to exercise, whether you are just starting (again) or have been a member for a long time, you always feel welcome. Recommended!

Serge Grabner 1 year ago

Very customer friendly and clean

Desiree Bergers 1 year ago

Good gym, friendly staff. You can choose between different subscriptions. I especially like the special group lessons. Lots of choice.

Amin Alothman 1 year ago

Groot en niet te druk!

Martijn de Klonia 1 year ago

Great location for sports

Angelien Kinneging 1 year ago

Good, always good

Rik Galenkamp 2 years ago

Good and versatile devices! Calm during the day, busier during the weekend and patience is appreciated more for the use of popular devices.

Avraham Cohen 2 years ago

Fantastic! ! and cheap! !!

Puck van Groningen 2 years ago

Nice atmosphere, good group lessons!

Oviya Malviya 2 years ago

So you need a gym card to go here and there is a good workout place and it has other activities as well like fitness dancing and indoor cycling

Bella Nejyo 2 years ago

There is a very nice and (woman) friendly atmosphere at this gym.

Annemiek Bos 2 years ago

Enjoy sports

sinjo djalis 2 years ago

just go

David Brink 4 years ago

Great gym

Leroy Richardson 5 years ago

Beautiful. Clean. Clear. Much more luxurious than the average f4f. Friendly staff.

Sander Falise 6 years ago

Great gym, modern equipment and always friendly and helpful staff.

Fouad Kartit 6 years ago

I have been training here for a month and I am very positive about the gym and the equipment they have. It is also very clean and fresh. Not what I'm used to from other locations. Definitely recommended to train here.

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