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Klaas Bootpad 2
1827 CX, Alkmaar
+31 72 767 6100


  • maandag: 08:45–22:00
  • dinsdag: 08:45–22:00
  • woensdag: 08:45–22:00
  • donderdag: 08:45–22:00
  • vrijdag: 08:45–22:00
  • zaterdag: 08:45–14:00
  • zondag: 08:45–14:00

Kom sporten bij ons en maak het zelf mee! Onze professionele en persoonlijke manier van werken staat er voor garant dat jij jouw doelen bereikt. Kennismaken? Kan altijd! Kom langs voor een vrijblijvende rondleiding. De koffie of thee staat klaar.

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Klaas Bootpad 2 1827 CX Alkmaar

Telefoon: 072 - 76 76 100 E-mail:


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Sportinstituut Tom van der Kolk: Meningen

Fabian Zoon 1 month ago

Nice gym. Staff are always ready to help. Equipment is always in order.

El valor de la verdad 1 month ago

Nice informal environment. Have miloncircle that provide a good workout.

Irenen Mi 1 month ago

A very nice gym, you feel welcome, whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for a while. Everyone is friendly to each other. If there are circumstances such as the covid-19, Tom van der Kolk gym knows how to ensure that everyone can continue to work out through adjusted schedules and online classes. This gym is top notch!

Jaap Teyhoff 1 month ago

Nice gym with nice people and good guidance!

Bart Holst 1 month ago

Back soon, can't wait

J Hoogland - Beers 1 month ago

Good gym, Good guidance, also with body support!

Angelique van Dijk 2 months ago

Nice gym with good personal guidance. Registering for the group lessons via the app is easy and clear. No other gym for me, I'm more than satisfied

Peter Apeldoorn 3 months ago

Good gym with friendly staff

chantal van de Giesen 3 months ago

I came in skeptical almost a year ago now ... now I love to work out very nice gym not too loud music always a chat very personal everyone. And the group lessons are all top! I come here at least 4 days a week with a smile on my face. So all in all just top top top

Bas Broesder 4 months ago

Tom van der Kolk is a pleasant sports institute with a lot of personal guidance and a varied range of sports activities. The trainers are very enthusiastic! I started with Milon and in a short time my condition had improved and I now also follow Club Joy Power group lessons. Very nice!

Lundi Dennis 4 months ago

Very friendly staff, good planning app, easy to reach by bus, small but nice sauna. you really get value for money. highly trained trainers walk through the rooms who can answer any question you may have about sports. Also easy to reach by phone, and a lot of variety with lessons that you can follow. come check it out!

Jennefer Kramps 4 months ago

Very nice gym. Not too massive and enough equipment to be able to train. Nice and helpful staff, so there is always a great atmosphere! Also a wide range of varied group lessons. Definitely recommend this gym!

Job Kuperus 4 months ago

Judo lesson for my son. Recommended. What a bunch of superstars here! Tijmen and Arjen

Harjen Baas 6 months ago

A nice gym with good guidance

David van der Linden 7 months ago

Best gym with very good guidance

L TS 10 months ago

Very nice gym! Nice atmosphere, very personal and you get good guidance. Value for your money!

Daniëlle 10 months ago

Nice gym with nice staff!

Don Duveen 10 months ago

A very good gym. You get really good guidance. They have been working there for years. Really recommended

Mickey Verheij 11 months ago

Feel at home here. Good guidance. Nice atmosphere

Sjaak Biertje 1 year ago

I am Sjaak 59 years old Sports institute Tom van der kolk? A lovely honest friendly gym. Something for everyone. Very friendly professional guidance, where necessary. Due to a visual impairment I cannot just exercise ... I can do that at S.I.TomvanderKolk. I do Milon Circle there. With a personal pass, the devices adjust to your height and weights that you can work with. FANTASTIC no hassle, just put in your card Do some sports yourself though ;-) And the staff? All equally friendly! I feel comfortable and enjoy exercising Highly recommended…

Jos Leeuwenkamp 1 year ago

Participate in the knockout race which is well supervised despite the COVID 19 And when the gym is open, it is very cozy and fine preparation!

Olivia Kleijwegt 1 year ago

Great gym with nice instructors who take the time for you. I have only been sporting here recently, but I already feel at home there.

Marja M 1 year ago

I, marja, have been working out with Tom van der Kolk for many years. The instructors are very involved. I participated in the online knockout race to get rid of the few kilos that have been gained in the past 3 years (then I also participated). We succeeded. Highly recommended this program

Daphne Kamping 1 year ago

Nice gym in the middle of the district. Pleasant atmosphere and good guidance. In this strange time it is nice to exercise. thank you all for that!

Marcia Waaijer 1 year ago

Super nice gym where I have been walking around for many years and have done different things. Especially during the corona crisis, they showed how they care about the members. So much was arranged and the button kept turning to 'how can we now provide our members with training again'. Hats off !!

Aloys van Balen 1 year ago

The Sports Institute Tom van der Kolk has responded optimally to the corona crisis. Inventive and innovative with a new approach. And do not delay. I feel super safe while exercising. And the atmosphere has not suffered. It is really great. Relaxing during exercise, but also fun. And all employees contribute to this. I am happy to be a member and to be able to exercise three or four times a week.

Monique Gerssen 1 year ago

Participated in the knockout race. I have experienced this as very positive. Because of corona now digital coaching and good explanation every week. Start has been made. Now continue until goal is reached :)

Herja Lodder 1 year ago

What a great group of people. In addition to exercising, perfect guidance during weight loss. If you want the complete package, you've come to the right place. It is not due to the enthusiasm of the supervisors. If you do not achieve your goal in terms of sport or weight loss, it is really up to you. Thanks and keep up the good work all together.

Sijbrand Keijser 1 year ago

I participated in the autumn waste race: it was fun but certainly doable. The guidance was great. What a positive approach from the employees of Tom van de Kolk. I was able to reach my goal easily. It is a great gym with really good guidance and great people!

inge van den heerik 1 year ago

Cozy gym. Wide range of group lessons. Professional guidance, and personal (they know your name), in for a joke during class. And if it does not go well, that is also signaled. Perfectly arranged now in the corona time. Recommended!

Amber Martensen 1 year ago

Good guidance, clean, friendly staff and safe sports. For the past 5 weeks I participated in the online knockout race and I really enjoyed it. Every week a new menu and good guidance from expert coaches. Highly recommended!

Betty van Dijkhuizen 1 year ago

I have been exercising here satisfactorily for years, the atmosphere is pleasant and there is a wide range of lessons. During the lockdown, there are many lessons online or outside. Also a handy registration system when the group size was limited.

Yolanda Landman 1 year ago

A great gym, which now also does everything it can to keep it safe and pleasant for us, athletes, to come and exercise! Great, I like coming there!

Eric Beijer 1 year ago

Like to do the Bootcamp. During the COVID-19 crisis, a route through the green foot was set. Ideal for maintaining your fitness.

Silvia Penning 1 year ago

Member of this great gym for years and now participated in the 10-week knock-out race. What an eye opener. Eating much more and more often than I was used to and then, in combination with good exercise, lose weight well .. A must!

Jeff Bes 1 year ago

A very nice atmosphere in a very nice gym. I feel very welcome and the staff is super sweet and knowledgeable.

natasja van blanken 1 year ago

Very pleasant gym. Now active for two years as an athlete at Tom van der Kolk, previously exercised at previous gyms but never as personal and fun as here. And hats off to what they do for everyone during the Corona period !!!! Really try everything to please everyone and allow the opportunity to exercise outside in safe conditions. Tents have been set up, blown away by the storm, but hopaaaaa with all his might he is standing again so that we can continue the next day. Not everyone is there for them, but everything is done to offer something for everyone. Compliment, a big THUMB!

Ellen van Aanholt 1 year ago

Great gym, enthusiastic team with employees who have been doing their best for years to keep Alkmaar moving. That is quite clever!

Stefan Bouman 1 year ago

Ik heb het hier erg naar mijn zin Afgelopen 5 weken heb ik mee gedaan met de afvalrace en heb al mooie resultaten behaald. De corona maakt het allemaal niet makkelijker maar deze sportschool doet naar mijn gevoel alles wat ze kunnen, om ons toch te blijven ondersteunen. Ik heb zeker de intentie om hier te blijven sporten en hoop ook nog meer van de gewenste resultaten te gaan behalen. Groetjes van stefan

RGF van der Kolk 2 years ago

Great small-scale gym where you are not a number, you feel at home together with the other athletes.

Lisette Dekker 2 years ago

After an enthusiastic colleague who had participated in the waste race and lost almost 10 kg, I decided to sign up. After I tried different diets and the results were disappointing, this race seemed like a challenge. On the inspiration afternoon, I also became enthusiastic and registered. It is now the 10th week and the last day tomorrow. Because of the easy to maintain menus and the great support from super nice enthusiastic people, it was actually the perfect way for me to finally lose some kilos. I have achieved my goal! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to lose some pounds and want to have a healthier lifestyle.

Anneke Verbeek 2 years ago

A very sporty and fun gym. For all types of athletes. Highly recommended. #milon #fitness

Anika Kuiper 2 years ago

Great sports institute! Instructors have a lot of knowledge and provide good guidance. It is clean, cozy and everyone is very nice! I feel at home there and I definitely recommend it! PS great that they are NL Active recognized

Nicolette Bax 2 years ago

Super fun gym and they know who you are.

Hugo Koeman 2 years ago

I have no idea how long I have been a member of TvdK. I do know how long I will stay: until you stop exercising. It is a nice gym where you often see the same faces and where you can get guidance or go your own way. But ... they do keep an eye on whether you are doing your exercises correctly. In short, I like to cycle there, do my thing, have a chat and cycle home again. Even when it rains ...

Magdaleen Hooge 2 years ago

A nice sports center where you can do it. Good guidance and friendly instructors. Both the milon circle and the group lessons are pleasant. You get more than value for money!

Peter G 2 years ago

Very nice gym, good and nice instructors.

Danny Smit 2 years ago

I participated in the 10 week weight loss race. Was quite heavy at times, but thanks to the good tips and guidance it was very bearable and I am glad I kept it up. The results are impressive ! I recommend it to everyone :)

Don Duvee 3 years ago

Very good gym. Very good staff, who have been working there for years. Recommended.

Daniel Wijkhuizen 3 years ago

A top gym that I am very happy with, people who work there are friendly and the sport instructors are always ready to help you. The gym is clean and it always smells nice and fresh, you have many choices from group lessons and they have a sauna! I enjoy sports there.

Jeroen Nils 5 years ago

Give good judo lessons to juniors

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