Team Victrix Alkmaar, Functioneel Fitness, Yoga, Powerliften, Weightlifting

Informatie over Team Victrix Alkmaar, Functioneel Fitness, Yoga, Powerliften, Weightlifting

Helderseweg 31
1817 BA, Alkmaar
+31 6 38633384


  • maandag: 09:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 09:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 09:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 09:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 09:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–14:00
  • zondag: 09:00–12:00

Sporten in Alkmaar? Bij Team Victrix vind je alles onder 1 dak, voor alle leeftijden en niveaus. Van groepstraining en lifestyle coaching tot 1-op-1 begeleiding

Je bent al welkom bij Victrix vanaf 4 jaar tot 50+. Iedereen start op zijn of haar eigen niveau, van basis tot advanced. Wij coachen jou op jouw niveau en maken jouw progressie meetbaar.


Team Victrix Alkmaar, Functioneel Fitness, Yoga, Powerliften, Weightlifting heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Team Victrix Alkmaar, Functioneel Fitness, Yoga, Powerliften, Weightlifting: Meningen

Kevin van der Gugten 1 year ago

Whether you're looking for a nice atmosphere in group lessons or if you just need to get rid of your energy, at Victrix you have both. I think this is an ideal combination where I can do both depending on what I feel like.

###*** 1 year ago

Fun! Varied workouts so it's never boring. Nice atmosphere and good trainers: clear instructions and nice encouragement that even I take a step more.... workouts for teens and 50+

Gerben van de Poppe 1 year ago

Super personal and everyone is welcome. Develop and grow together at your own pace and with fun events around it.

Roos Schuring 1 year ago

I appreciate the great atmosphere, positive mindset and good constructive criticism from the coaches. I am making progress and always go home with a good feeling.

Joyce Last 1 year ago

I have been training here for more than 5 years with great pleasure. Nice box. Nice group of people.

Daniela 1 year ago

Good instructors and always a lot of attention for the athletes during the group lessons. The personal approach makes it a nice place to come. So highly recommended!

Vincent Roobeek 1 year ago

By far the best crossfit box in the Alkmaar region. As a beginner you will receive excellent guidance and help with your posture and technique. The groups are not that big, so there is a lot of attention for each individual. Suitable for all levels: from someone who has not exercised for 10 years to the advanced athlete.

Rachel Genet- Verstraeten 1 year ago

Great gym, a lot of attention to technique, fun lessons where you are always nicely exhausted and then go home with a satisfied feeling. There is a relaxed casual atmosphere, which is great for working out here. I say recommended!

Martin Aalberts 1 year ago

Cool place. The term fitness is interpreted in a very broad sense here. I (not an athlete) keep coming back just because it's fun. Thanks to the well-informed guidance, casual atmosphere, with a sense of group first.

Eveline over de Linden 1 year ago

My gym where I enjoy going for three years, in the 50+ classes you are well guided by well-trained coaches and each at his own level! Alternating classes and a coffee or protein shake make it a fun and healthy hour of exercise!

Jiren-NL 1 year ago

I've been sporting here for almost 5 years now! Since day 1 I was already sold on the way the space is decorated. It has become a bit of us. I have undergone a personal training course for my competition purpose and was well guided until the end and afterwards. Always a friendly atmosphere and nice people to work out with! Highly recommended gr, Peter vd M

Maarten Vissers 1 year ago

Very cozy crossfit / sports location. Trainers are enthusiastic and knowledgeable and there is a real club feeling. Accessible and for all ages and levels.

Karin Wittebrood 1 year ago

Very nice box with an almost homely, friendly atmosphere. But don't let that confuse you. In the lessons is knackered! Your technique is carefully monitored so that you can progress without injury. And that functional fitness is for all ages is apparent from the possible lessons; from the minis from 4 years to the masters from 55+. Nice and involved coaches who were incredibly creative during the corona period to keep us going. I am just very happy with this box, the team and the very varied lessons. Recommended!

Bob Ploeger 1 year ago

I have enjoyed training at Victrix for 6 years now. In addition to varied training sessions, the BBQ is regularly on in the summer and there is a cozy clubhouse atmosphere.

Dennis Wijnen 2 years ago

Great weather exercised in the early morning

Arjen Beuckens 3 years ago

First WOD! That more will follow!

Ben Kipp 4 years ago

Huge gym, fantastic people, coaches, Owner (and dog) and just a great place to train! Been here several times dropping in and always had a blast! Absolutely recommended!

Ellen de Jonge 4 years ago

Nice box for training. Pleasant atmosphere and good coaches

Menno 5 years ago

Cozy and extensive box with fun motivated coaches and know-how

UrbanBoxCrossFit 6 years ago

A spectacular box and in my case with a Coach who gave importance to the mobility part on the shoulders when there was overhead squat and kettlebell swing ... It is always appreciated !! ... A must visit in Alkmaar!

Jolein Oliemans 6 years ago

I am so happy that we started crossfit here!

Jeroen Smit 8 years ago

Work hard, sweat a lot, go to extremes and that within an hour. Much attention is paid to technology. This makes the exercises easier, you can build more strength and less chance of an injury. Short explosive training sessions that can easily be combined with other sports (for me with basketball)

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