Informatie over Happy Bodies Alkmaar

1815 CB, Alkmaar
+31 72 763 0107


  • maandag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–21:30
  • dinsdag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–21:30
  • woensdag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–21:30
  • donderdag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–21:30
  • vrijdag: 07:30–13:00, 16:00–20:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–13:00
  • zondag: 09:00–13:00

Starten met fitness maar weinig tijd? Bij Happy Bodies sport je slechts 2x 35 minuten per 10 dagen en mét Resultaat Garantie! Ontdek nu de Milon Cirkel bij Happy Bodies Alkmaar.

Bij Happy Bodies Alkmaar word je weer fit in slechts 35 minuten per training en krijg je altijd persoonlijke coaching. Happy Bodies Alkmaar is hét alternatief voor de normale sportschool voor iedereen die wel fit wil worden, maar geen tijd heeft of zin heeft in een krachthonk te moeten sporten.


Happy Bodies Alkmaar heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Happy Bodies Alkmaar: Meningen

Willie Koenen 1 year ago

Very personal staff I played sports there during my holiday and was warmly welcomed, professionally and personally guided. Recommended!

Gerard Bruijnse 1 year ago

Pleasant environment for sports. Time wise to fit training into the agenda. Every training with achievable goals, so a satisfied feeling and noticeable results

Yente de rooij 1 year ago

Small is beautiful. Short but sweet. Independent yet well supervised. Nice gym for young and old. One where you can work on yourself without being looked at or having to wait a while until a device is available. If you haven't been for a while (sometimes a bit of motivation for me..) you will receive a friendly call asking if you would like to come by again. Pricey, but good value for money.

Rémon Koetje 1 year ago

Happy with Happy Bodies. Good care and nice and pleasant guidance

Carla Jekel 1 year ago

Sport there for a month now but from the first day it feels familiar. Unlike most other gyms, it is nice and small, no mirrors and super nice and good guidance.

reineke hofstra 1 year ago

Very satisfied with the guidance and the results!

Delia Padberg 1 year ago

Very nice gym, good personal guidance and not massive. Help you achieve your goals and correct you when necessary. Friendly staff.

smackeronie 1 year ago

By far the best and nicest sports club in Alkmaar

Marcel Wagter 1 year ago

Delicious! Super personal guidance, and excellent training. Standard all devices on my own settings with wristband and ready within 40 minutes and super fit!

Jim Van Der Sluis 1 year ago

Good personal guidance every time again, they take the time to answer your questions and seize if your attitude toward is wrong.

Ellis Kee 2 years ago

Working out with equipment in a gym was actually not for me. Constantly setting everything up and if it didn't work out or I didn't feel like it, I was quickly done. At Happy Bodies it is different. Everything is already set up and you can immediately see what your goals are and how you are progressing. The coaches ensure that you stay motivated and help yourself a little further each time.

Matthijs Beentjes 2 years ago

At Happy Bodies Alkmaar you are constantly motivated, enthusiastic and expertly guided. The Milon training is also so cleverly put together that the threshold to come and exercise is kept low. Recommended without reservation.

jasper kaldenbach 2 years ago

Nice place, good guidance! Really think along with you towards your goal. Super

Michiel 2 years ago

Nice gym to train, professional equipment and good guidance.

Ingerid Tol 2 years ago

I have been a member of Happy Boddies Alkmaar for 3 years to my full satisfaction, it stands for small-scale, professional good personal guidance, pleasant, in short, very satisfied!

Clary Labee 2 years ago

Always a pleasure to work there, positive, stimulating trainers and a great atmosphere!

frances mollee 2 years ago

The first gym where I really started to enjoy working out! Done quickly, no hassle with setting up devices (it's nice and automatic) and good guidance from the coaches. Professional and personal. You may pay a little more, but I think it's more than worth it. After being away for a while, I feel just as welcome again!

fem Bot 2 years ago

Homely atmosphere with the right support if necessary

Rinaldo Carrilho 2 years ago

Super nice atmosphere and super guidance. A very good gym for anyone who considers health and lifestyle important

Trudy Kloet 2 years ago

Nice exercise in a pleasant environment and responsible. With guidance.

Els Wouda 2 years ago

Sport here for more than 2 months and I feel very good about it. Lost weight and got tighter. The atmosphere is good and friendly.

Ilse Ligthart 2 years ago

Member from the beginning and the first gym (and I've tried many ;-)) where I feel comfortable. Nice variation in training with the milon, the bootcamp and outdoor training! Relaxed atmosphere.

Sandy Matthieu 2 years ago

A very nice gym with a nice personal approach. You are not a number but a person, every coach knows your name. Happy going back home happy. Mentally and physically a really happy body

Christel Lodewijks 2 years ago

I have been a member for 2.5 years and feel that my muscles provide good support for age-related ailments such as wear on the hip and knees. Now I dare to challenge more and participate weekly in the bootcamp which is quite spicy. Due to the good and professional guidance I do not suffer from injuries.

Jacco en Miranda VD 2 years ago

We have been a member from the birth of the Alkmaar location. The care and guidance of this team is what you would call top notch. This is also very suitable for sports with a disability. In addition to sports, they also offer professional nutritional advice. All in all we are still excited and we are happy to go to Happy Bodies

Anita Sluis 2 years ago

A gym that has all the attention for you. If we don't report for too long, we are always asked when we will come again. That's how we stay fit.

Daniel Koopmans 2 years ago

In fact, the comparison between Happy Bodies and a regular gym does not hold true at all. No loud music, no meters high mirrors where muscle bundles or muscle bundle wannabes admire themselves endlessly, or 'reserve' a device with a towel while some messages are read and answered on the smartphone. Happy Bodies is a completely different kind of gym. What makes Happy Bodies unique? The people who work there. Trainers with knowledge of the human body, nutrition, metabolism, and many other matters related to health and exercise, but Happy Bodies mainly has knowledge of people like you and me. Happy Bodies knows what drives people and what motivates people. The guidance is always tailor-made, because everyone pursues their own goal. By measuring regularly, the goals not only stay in focus, but are also achieved; at Happy Bodies you get results. And all this by a group of enthusiastic trainers? Certainly not just because of that. The training programs have a scientific basis, which combines muscle strength, muscle endurance and fitness in a very effective, safe and responsible way. In short, if you love your body, and you want to exercise in a pleasant and relaxed environment where there is real attention for your health and your person, then Happy Bodies is the logical choice! Danny Koopmans

Femke Alice 2 years ago

I normally don't like gyms at all BUT happy bodies is REALLY different. Especially everything based on science and 'smart' devices that always challenge you enough to keep improving! Happy Body = a happy Femke and all trainers are not only good and professional, but also involved and fun! Just join the happybodies family ???

Maarten Schotvanger 2 years ago

A great place to work on your personal fitness goals! It is accessible, but very professional. The guidance is good and stimulating. The people who come here are friendly, pleasant and approachable. This way exercising becomes fun for me! And certainly not unimportant for me, because of the way of training few injuries but a lot of results!

Huub Hoogeveen 2 years ago

For me, the Milon training at Happy Bodies Alkmaar is a great way to feel fit and healthy. Regular training (now three times a week) is easy to maintain due to the fixed limited training time. Due to the small-scale design, a lot of attention and guidance for the individual athlete is possible. Happy with.

Roland Vet 2 years ago

Happy Boddies = doing your best in a relaxed atmosphere = small scale = sweating = great = feeling at ease = getting results = simply delicious! I have been a member of Happy Boddies for about 2 years and it is simply great here! In addition, supervisors are without exception simply great guests and girls! Thanks to a pre-measured course of high-tech equipment with a personal training schedule, you are ready in 40 minutes and you know exactly where you stand including results, so Ideal! But as icing on the cake, you will receive personal and friendly guidance from all employees, without exception. They stimulate when you need it and leave you alone when you have enough to yourself. They also provide expert advice that improves your results. Finally a sports club where you can work out casually! Thank you Happy Boddies!

Mitholyn 3 years ago

Top sports school where attention is also paid to the person in addition to getting fit!

Erik Specht 3 years ago

Effective way of training for almost every purpose under professional guidance.

Laurens “CrabbyData” Andriessen 3 years ago

From quantity gyms to a gym with real guidance! I have achieved more results in 5 weeks than having spent 2 years at normal gyms. That lies partly with me, but the professional guidance at Happy Bodies has definitely contributed to this. A relaxed atmosphere, both the coaches and the members themselves are very friendly and all the statistics are kept up to date with the latest fitness equipment. I'm really enjoying myself and I can and will recommend Happy Bodies to everyone!

Robin Bosschaert 3 years ago

The ideal gym to combine with my full-time job. Very friendly and professional staff.

Sevcan Aydogan 3 years ago

Super good guidance, good advice. The system they work with is also completely top. I'm very satisfied

Cherise Melissa Karijosentono 4 years ago

Super nice fine gym! I am glad that I stayed after the trial class and train now more than a year! The trainers regularly adjust the equipment and take the time to build in an evaluation moment. This way you know perfectly whether you are doing well or if you still have to adjust something. Today remon challenged me to do a squat exercise together on the cross trainer only a good coach gets the best in you upwards And even more benefit from your workout. " Happy bodies do not hold your hand but they will follow you. They know who you are and what your injuries or your background are. And I like that so much!

Nicky De water 4 years ago

Milon circle is really great, guidance is really great. Super friendly employees. I am completely satisfied!

Gerda v. Santen 4 years ago

Nice gym with what I like guidance. Friendly instructors who think along with you.

Yolande van Rosmalen 4 years ago

I am very satisfied. Great trainers, nice atmosphere, good circuit. I have already lost 13 kilos due to good nutritional advice and good training. Recommended. Of course you have to do something about it yourself, eat healthily and train regularly ... but then you achieve what you want!

Jane 4 years ago

Happy Bodies fine concept, pleasant people and environment

Riny Sijswerda 4 years ago

I went for the physio physic therapy. Back greatly improved!

Ed Koopman 5 years ago

Top good guidance and fun and they keep you busy

Roger van Bronkhorst 5 years ago

cozy informal atmosphere, expert guidance, newest equipment and certainly not unimportant fun and cheerful staff

Fien Riepma 5 years ago

Nice gym, friendly atmosphere and friendly, expert guidance, which is motivating and stimulating in their approach. Clear and personal training program, which is evaluated in the meantime, which makes the result visible. Recommended!!

Danny Kors 5 years ago

Short and vigorous training that covers the entire body. You train both strength and fitness in just 35 minutes. Good guidance is available and everything is set up for you. You just need to sweat.

Remy Meijer 5 years ago

Very nice gym good guidance

Arie van.Diepen 5 years ago

Good sports facilities good guidance and experienced instructors. Training equipment easy to operate.

Mandy van son 5 years ago

super atmosphere and concept of the milon circle is perfect if you have little time and still want to exercise.

Damian van Bronkhorst 5 years ago

Very customer friendly and are always ready for questions and explanations.

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