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Beethovensingel 13
1817 HK, Alkmaar
+31 6 81930963


  • maandag: Gesloten
  • dinsdag: 18:15–21:15
  • woensdag: Gesloten
  • donderdag: Gesloten
  • vrijdag: Gesloten
  • zaterdag: Gesloten
  • zondag: Gesloten


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Batuque Capoeira Alkmaar: Meningen

Arthur Pols 1 year ago

Very passionate teacher, full of knowledge and stories. Wonderful way of training and very accessible for every level. Come and participate without obligation!

Dance Life 4 years ago

Super good capoera school with very strong teachers who are focused on quality! The workshops are always top-notch and strong in quality and education. Definitely recommended and beautiful experience!

Web Wings 4 years ago

Wij hebben voor ons teamuitje onder andere een capoeira workshop gevolgd bij Thomas en dit was het hoogtepunt van de dag! Thomas combineert sport met veel plezier en werken aan jezelf en ons team. Wij komen zeker terug.

Pelle Van Muiden 4 years ago

Was really great! Super fun as a group lesson

Roberio Reis 4 years ago

Excellent school to train capoeira. Batuque Capoeira Alkmaar is to be congratulated for the responsibility and respect in relation to capoeira art. I felt very happy when I attended the classes and will be returning soon. I recommend it to anyone who wants to try capoeira.

Dorinde Den Boer 4 years ago

The capoeira workshop at school in Castricum was well received by the students! Nice to see how they dare and try more and more in an hour and a half. Recommended!

Nienke Jonkman 4 years ago

Fantastic trainer and fun group!

Raissa Walberg 5 years ago

How do you ensure that a busy class at a high school with also shy children will work together and become active? A lesson in Capoeira! The class was energetic, active, interactive and above all a lot of fun! The teacher's enthusiasm spread to all students. Busy students were able to release their energy but were well controlled, and shy students were challenged to come out of their shells and participate. The great thing is that there is a whole philosophy behind martial arts, which is transferred to the students in a very good and educational way. An absolute must for every school to participate in a Capoeira lesson!

Laurien Zaandam 5 years ago

Cozy Capoeira group with a lot of atmosphere. The teacher is very enthusiastic and communicates this well to the group.

Rosanne Brouwer 5 years ago

For CKV VMBO T3 students followed the Capoeira workshops. The workshop teachers really understand teaching and how to keep the students interested. Very varied and adapted to the different groups. Had a super fun day with enthusiastic students and teachers!

Tom Leering 5 years ago

These super enthusiastic gentlemen have transferred their pleasure in this sport very well to the children who participate in the activities with us. Where some children went to the clinic without expectation, they came out super enthusiastic. That is where the strength of this organization lies.

Suuz H 5 years ago

A really cool workshop for a number of children from Heiloo e.o. had. Due to the positive atmosphere that the teacher creates and supports through (live) music, all children participate at his / her own level. In short: lots of exercise, control, respect for each other and above all fun !!

Yvonne Gerrits 5 years ago

The combination of physical exertion, making music and singing makes this sport versatile. The teacher is enthusiastic and complimentary, making the sport very suitable not only for adults, but especially for children. It gives a real boost for self confidence !!

AsikYoldas 5 years ago

Had personal training from Tum, was really a great lesson. Have had a lot of sports teachers but Tum is really good. Listens carefully and explains everything well. Good construction and a nice atmosphere ..

sylvano leentvaar 5 years ago

Always nice to join this group in a really great atmosphere

Floor Baarveld 5 years ago

nice driven group, good atmosphere and very educational!

PHJS Silva 5 years ago

Great trainer !! Spend a lot of time on personal attention, and will happily repeat it for you if you don't get it. You can clearly see that that teacher is, a lot of knowledge and positive energy!

B Mauer van Hoof 5 years ago

Today we were able to enjoy two fantastic Capoeira workshops during a Culture Day of the Vakcollege Helmond. The workshop supervisor knew how to approach our students in the right way with great respect and space for the individual. To be repeated!

Teunis van der Zwart 5 years ago

Batuque Capoeira gave a great workshop and presentation during Music Meeting Heiloo. Very well done, fascinating and challengingly presented, super!

Stefanie Groot 5 years ago

Super fun workshop! Very energetic and the students of the first class participated very well !!

Femke Rabelink 5 years ago

What a great clinic the students of BS IJzevoorde had today! So much enthusiasm, so many radiant children ... Thomas brings the clinic with passion and his enthusiasm is infectious. Children feel valued and welcome, everyone feels seen. Great class what the children could show after an hour of practice! Highly recommended!!! Femke Rabelink (teacher BS IJzevoorde)

Lise - 5 years ago

Nice lesson and nice group, often go from Arnhem to Alkmaar with a lot of fun!

Michelle Kingaby 5 years ago

My children are super fanatic of Batuque Capoeira Alkmaar. They find their professor very nice, playful and educational.

Suzanne B 5 years ago

Incredibly fun and dynamic capoeira lessons. It is a very diverse group with a good cozy atmosphere. The instructor is professional and very passionate. This makes me look forward to class every time!

marieke van klink 6 years ago

Had a very cool workshop at school. Good teachers who know how to captivate the group and take them on a journey through the different elements of capoeira; martial arts, dance, acrobatics, music and history. The students of 5 VWO were very enthusiastic.

Eilyn Fernandez 6 years ago

Tum has introduced Capoeira to a group of top athletes during the Figure Skating Summer Camp in Alkmaar. The group learnt about the history, the music and the art of Capoeira as a whole. His energy is absolutely contagious!!! and encouraging. He easily engaged with the whole group. We enjoyed the music and the demonstration he gave with his group. we are looking forward to seeing them again this week!!! Eilyn

Henk Lettinga 6 years ago

Had a great capoeira workshop with my mentor class. That you can learn so much in such a short time! The not always easy students from Amsterdam West were treated very well. They were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the workshop a lot. My compliments!

Tum Voorn 6 years ago

Top atmosphere, accessible for all levels (including children) and super cool!

Hans Voorn 6 years ago

A very passionate teacher who gets the best out of his students and offers a varied curriculum

Joer 6 years ago

Passionate teacher and fun lessons. For beginner to advanced.

Stephanie Van Der Heijden-Cuijpers 6 years ago

Had a workshop today at our BSO it was really cool. The way it was given was very good, so the children were very motivated from start to finish. I recommend it!

Online THE_ONE 6 years ago

Accessible to everyone and very enthusiastic lessons!

Serena Le Double 6 years ago

Since I was 16 (6 years ago) I have been training with great pleasure at batuque capoeira in Alkmaar. Top sport, nice group and good atmosphere. Feel free to come and try it out!

Jasper Voorn 6 years ago

Cozy group with varied lessons, led by a very enthusiastic teacher!

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