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Koedijkerstraat 9
1823 CR, Alkmaar


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 08:30–17:00
  • zondag: 08:30–17:00

Kom sporten bij de gezelligste sportschool van Alkmaar. Onbeperkt cardio, fitness en groepslessen.

Zoek je een leuke en gezellige sportschool? Dan ben je van harte welkom bij BigGym Alkmaar. Iedereen kan hier werken aan de perfecte workout, ongeacht je leeftijd en niveau.

Op maar liefst 3.000 m2 staan ruim 300 fitnesstoestellen klaar om je in het zweet te werken onder begeleiding van professionele en gediplomeerde instructeurs.

? 3000m2 gym oppervlakte ? 300 fitnesstoestellen ? Cardio & Fitness ? Groepslessen zoals: • Booty • Zumba • Pump • Boxing • Senior • BigCross • Nog velen meer ? Gratis parkeren ? Gratis Personal Coaching ? Gratis lockers ? Zonnebank ? Massagestoel ? Nieuwste apparatuur 


BigGym Alkmaar heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

BigGym Alkmaar: Meningen

Piet SCHOTVANGER 2 months ago

We have been working out here for half a year now and we are signing up!! Excellent price and quality..! Good and cozy...Spacious and clean...! We'll keep going until we drop..!! Trudy and Piet Schotvanger ( 66)

Michael P 2 months ago

Perfect price/quality ratio

Tim Salabim 2 months ago

Good gym. Enough materials to enjoy sports. From low-threshold fitness to a bit of serious weight lifting. At a decent price. What is an improvement is the cleanliness and order in the gym. The pumped-up muscle bundles in particular forget more than once to neatly hang / put their weights back. This allows you to occasionally lift a hernia if you want to get rid of all the weight from a bar. This sometimes gives the gym a rather messy look. For the rest completely top!

Fred Schuurmans 2 months ago

It is also a pleasure for me as an older person to exercise here; customer-friendly staff, clean environment and an excellent price / quality ratio. I hope to be able to continue exercising here for a long time. Sincerely, Fred Schuurmans

Nina van der Stouw 3 months ago

Nice and big, unlimited monthly subscription very cheap, parking in front of the door, I say: go with that banana!

Waad ??? 3 months ago

Rather beautiful

Anita van de Berg 5 months ago

A great gym with free solarium and massage chairs. It's a shame that they now want to implant an app as access control. I do not want that. So I hope they come back. Great staff who work there.

Damian Oleksy 5 months ago

Good Place, Nice trenning,eaamazing atmosphere, i recomendet

Peter Zeeman 6 months ago

Very pleasant staff for a year now. The new manager ensures a further quality improvement. Enjoy going there again now!

Selina Jacobs 7 months ago

good gym. very comfortable and free.

Fury 8 months ago

Good gym good staff

Noa Cesar 9 months ago


Arkadiusz Orski 1 year ago

Big Great place with lot of equipment easy access easy to set up an account.

Dionisio Victor Rosalia 1 year ago

Ambiance is ok ... good location with lots of equipment

Marko Akkerman 1 year ago

Great budget gym. Big! Sufficient measures with regard to covid etc.

Malgorzata Foltyniewicz 1 year ago

Lots of space, nice atmosphere, lighting and music like at any other club - I recommend it.

Carlos Chang 1 year ago


Maria Fornello 1 year ago

It's open the gym? Thank you

M.D 1 year ago

De app voor het reserveren geeft geen inzicht in de beschikbare tijden. Waarom niet? * Geen Corona meer en betere muziek nu. Alleen weekend nog steeds vroeg dicht. ***

etienne Alejo 1 year ago

Fun sports in the large hall

Hans de niet 1 year ago

Unfortunately max 30 sports colleagues

Gabriella GAB 1 year ago

Good gym, became super nice after the renovation, very new, super cool climbing frame. And I had neatly received an e-mail with the first and second lockdown whether I wanted to freeze my subscription or continue to pay to support the gym. Just chose my option myself and it worked perfectly. Always super satisfied here and with great pleasure.

Silent Boy 2 years ago

It was top notch all appliances and the people who work there are super nice.

Bennie Breedveld 2 years ago

Its corona time

Przemys?aw Mo?ko 2 years ago

Renée Polder 2 years ago

Nice spacious Gym. Nice instructors and good atmosphere!

Jeffrey Bruin 2 years ago

Great gym, nothing to complain about

Krum Krum 2 years ago

Good gym friendly staff no posers 10/10

Asr All small repairs (ASR All Small Repairs) 3 years ago

Good gym. Beautiful appliances.

Tim 3 years ago

Top gym! Often open, easily accessible & good material. Recommended

Daniel Marques 3 years ago

excellent place with all the facilities, excellent quality/price ratio for this range of gyms, and equipped with a group functional training unit Queenax!

Jaz 4 years ago

Nice to exercise

Nicole de jonge 4 years ago

Enjoy sports and nearby

Dylan Dekker 4 years ago

Nice kickbox and crossfit training.

David 4 years ago

Super large gym with nice equipment

Marleen Hageman 4 years ago

Spacious and modern

Jelle 4 years ago

Nice staff, lots of equipment, a wide range of free weights and it is usually not busy. Everything you can expect from a good gym!

righi enduro 4 years ago

Daily ticket available. All new and clean!

Cristian Mamut 4 years ago

the bigest gym seen ever

Bram Akkerman 5 years ago

Very good gym with nice relaxed atmosphere.

Alain Flores y Flores 5 years ago

Nice place, some people don't use towel, also some people noisy throwing the weights and using two or more machines at the same time, putting everything in a mess. Fortunately, the staff is very kind and patiently they put everything in order.

Sandra de Sousa 5 years ago

Good gym with fun group lessons

Hatice Rouwen 5 years ago

Employees leave you alone. If you have any questions, they are always ready to help you.

K B 5 years ago

Great, nice music and many devices that are never broken.

Patrick Wieland 5 years ago

Relaxed sports

koenman5534 5 years ago

Really a "big gym". Nice and clean place with lots of room and choice of machine's

Theo Heijnis 5 years ago

Perfect company !! I like to come there !! keep it up!!

Samuel Mous 6 years ago

Very nice gym. Was first with basic fit, but found it uncomfortable and uneasy. But with biggym this is not. The machines are separated from the rest, this ensures that you do not feel impressed, which is very nice.

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