Informatie over Gym Inn

Ketelmeerstraat 138
8226 JX, Lelystad
+31 320 254 040


  • maandag: 09:00–17:00
  • dinsdag: 09:00–17:00
  • woensdag: 09:00–17:00
  • donderdag: 09:00–17:00
  • vrijdag: 09:00–17:00
  • zaterdag: Gesloten
  • zondag: Gesloten

Binnen de praktijk staat persoonlijke aandacht en een duurzaam/stabiel herstel centraal. Omdat wij gevestigd zijn binnen sportschool Gym Inn, hebben wij voldoende professionele middelen en faciliteiten tot onze beschikking om uw herstel zo snel en duurzaam mogelijk te laten verlopen.

Alleen bij Gym Inn mogelijk met garantie “No cure no pay”. Vanwege ons vertrouwen in het concept en onze unieke aanpak op individueel niveau kunnen wij garanderen dat wij 1-2 taille maten kunnen laten verdwijnen bij u binnen 1 maand.


Gym Inn heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Gym Inn: Meningen

mellanie flantua 2 months ago

Super gym! Atmosphere is great and very nice people. I like sports here and everyone respects and helps each other.

Jan Meeuwessen 3 months ago

Nice location, nice view, cool equipment, pleasant guidance. And you can also work out there!

petro mashkin 3 months ago

The best kickboxing trainers and the best and friendliest staff who are always ready to help!

jimmy Turk 3 months ago

Nice gym! Now with a professional food coach, very professional and nice!!!!

Vanessa Valstar 7 months ago

A nice and cozy gym, it is spacious and the guidance is good.

Sem Peters 7 months ago

Super fun gym! And very nice staff

shari adlina 7 months ago

Nice atmosphere, nice people and super friendly, a really great gym! And nice and flexible for work. Employees also give good advice and a nice chat of course.

SA A 7 months ago

A great gym! Highly recommended

Renée Verschure 7 months ago

Good gym, nice employees and good service

Sasori Han 7 months ago

Good, well-maintained gym with many equipment and good customer service

luc Engwerda 7 months ago

Good gym with lots of training options!

Isa Honing 7 months ago

Friendly staff, top gym!!

ruben 7 months ago

super good gym, Jordy is a good manager and they always help you!

Ali Mustafa 7 months ago

Good times and various devices

Ghosticeman 8 months ago

Perfect Gym for everyone very nice staff and great atmosphere

Ashmir Bregieta 1 year ago

Nice atmosphere, warm people and very satisfying.

angeli boersma 1 year ago

Fijne sportschool, vriendelijk behulpzaam personeel

Yahya El garmaoui 1 year ago

Due to the friendly and homely atmosphere, Gym Inn is the best gym in Flevoland.

Inga Strakšytė 2 years ago


Wilfred Nijhof 2 years ago

Excellent gym with extensive facilities and not too expensive.

akin in 2 years ago

This is my first gym while studying in the Netherlands. Friendly staff, gentle members and a perfect gym. Perfect gym ever in my life: D

Michely Gomes 2 years ago

Great place to work out, good service. Nice people very nice

Sharon Steenwijk 3 years ago

Good gym I always enjoy going here! Staff are very friendly and spontaneous!

MW2 99 3 years ago

I think it's a super nice sports school nice people nice colleagues and a well maintained sports school and fun different activities, certainly a good idea

fabian VansoeSt 3 years ago

Nice and fun gym to work out and everyone is nice to each other

Marco van Duinen 3 years ago

A loyal member for more than 10 years. Neat equipment and a good atmosphere for both fellow athletes and staff.

Thomas bruggeman (thomas) 3 years ago

Top gym! Customer friendly and very big Best sports school in Flevoland!

Ashjemier 3 years ago

I've been coming here to exercise for over 10 years. And after 10 years I still come here with great joy!

Rudie de Groot 3 years ago

A gym where you can work out, both men and women who train separately. This gym is also committed to the social interests of its members. All in all a gym with a homey/family feeling.

Ivano Tiebesl 4 years ago

Gym Inn is the right place, where you can get started well social staff and customer oriented / friendly. If you don't know how to do something or work, they will be ready for you. For an affordable price, you can do everything! Sports, group lessons and sauna, you have plenty. You feel at home here!

samir hamdi 4 years ago

Gym inn is a great gym to train in, if you don't know it then you will be helped by the good service they offered. Best gym!

Donny Middel 4 years ago

The most flexible gym in lelystad, the company will always be there for you and will always try to get the most out of you here you can be yourself

Delvin Telkamp 4 years ago

Great gym with super guidance, highly recommended to work out here ‍♀️

Mira Brázdil 4 years ago


Martijn van Zelm 4 years ago

Gym Inn is a relatively small name compared to other gyms but has everything the big names have. It is a nice and nice gym with a wide variety of staff who are all very involved with the members. They are happy to help if you have a question and even offer personalized schedules and assistance (at a price). They have a lot of fitness products so you don't have to order them from the internet, and plenty of food and drink before or after training. Gym Inn is perfect for you if you are not experienced with gyms and do not want to work out at a large commercial gym, it is smaller but also a lot more personal.

Retchie julian Van der veen 4 years ago

I train here because it is a nice gym and because I like to do sports. Of course I also want to be muscled

Varsh 5 years ago

Gym Inn is the nicest and most versatile sports center of Flevoland for young and old !! Especially the small group training and belly quarter lessons that really motivate you to train with good guidance.

nathaaa 126 5 years ago

Gym inn is a gym for young and old, where you can learn so much in sports !!! They have everything from fitness to self Yoga lessons and other different group lessons! With also diet plans and personal trainers

Quinty Hogeveen 5 years ago

Gym Inn is a great gym with a nice atmosphere! There are many different things to do and there is a possibility for each person to achieve his or her goals. A gym to recommend!

Alex 5 years ago

It's home to me

Demon Hunterz 5 years ago

I think the help is great and I get lessons from one of the crew members for a short time and this is going great. The group training sessions are very fun and tough. A good gym everywhere.

Sandhia Jagernath 5 years ago

Gym Inn is a right place where you can get a good start to the sport. Very social staff and customer-oriented. For an affordable price, you can do anything! Sports, group lessons and sauna, you have enough. You feel welcome here!

Marcela nijhuis waarle 6 years ago

Good gym not too big and not too small. Am happy with the help and that I am always nice help!

Linda Barenkamp 6 years ago

Accessible gym with a friendly atmosphere. The employees really try to help you get a better quality of life. They try to assist you in all kinds of areas and really look at you as a person. They tailor schedules and don't give you a standard list of exercises. After exercising you can relax at the bar and enjoy a shake, cup of coffee, protein bar, you name it.

Raison Smith 6 years ago

A great gym for beginners and independent exercisers, in a friendly environment. There is always room for help, guidance and advice eg training / nutritional schedules. The kickbox room is free for those who want to practice, provided there are group lessons active. And the sauna is nice to relax after exercise or to chat with, for example, a shake drink of one of the supplements / articles that are available. to support and improve performance.

The Kid 6 years ago

gym inn is a nice gym when you come in you will be welcomed by a friendly receptionist. on the ground floor is a sports room with strength fitness equipment. if you go up the left stairs there is a kickboxing room on your left. on the top floor there are Crosstrainers Exercise bikes Treadmills Rowing machines Speed ​​bikes both with screens and without screens. so that you can watch TV for distraction or you do not have to miss your series on the left side of the room there are two showers with sauna in it one for men one for one and one for women

Kayleigh Heerikhuisen 6 years ago

The gym looks neat and tidy! The employees are very friendly to their customers.

G Belt 6 years ago

I have been training here for about a year now and am very satisfied with Gym inn from the first second. There is a very nice atmosphere, partly due to the helpful and friendly staff. Also in terms of materials there is something for everyone. Top!

frans soer 6 years ago

A gym like no other staff is friendly and are happy to speak to you if I could give more stars I would definitely do that I see it as a large family

Patricia Van Egmond 6 years ago

Very nice and cozy gym where everyone can enjoy sports !!

Remi Thomas 6 years ago

Best gym in Lelystad! -Informal atmosphere. -Good location (easily accessible by public transport, free parking and extended opening hours) -Professionally qualified staff. -Good guidance from certified personal coaches. -Modernest fitness equipment and a wide range of the latest group lessons. -

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