Informatie over Basic-Fit Den Haag

Grote Marktstraat 40
2511 BJ, Den Haag


Basic-Fit Den Haag heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.


Basic-Fit Den Haag heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Basic-Fit Den Haag: Meningen

Happyman 9 months ago

Like a real lady!

Elber Wilson 11 months ago

Nice gym and well equipped

Teenagecrimes x 1 year ago

Been going there recently. More equipment than my own club nearby. And nice staff !

Pieter Heijster 1 year ago

Heard it is very nice there

J. L. 1 year ago


Lou Neeleman 1 year ago

It's nice to have a place that's just ladies! It is pretty small and the showers are one big question mark to me, but for the rest it's a great gym

Funke Eric 1 year ago

Not just for ladies. Excellent club. Clean, plenty of equipment, many options.

Black Cat 1 year ago

Cozy and nice modern appliances, but if you are afraid of height this place is not doable :) tis 3 high with escalator or glass lift!

Martijn Henzen 1 year ago

Relaxed space, staff is friendly, quite quiet and good equipment

Ayari Sabrina 1 year ago


mayory 4 girls 1 year ago


Yanira Valerio 1 year ago


Thea Leenart 2 years ago

Sappie D 2 years ago

Yidiz Koyucu 2 years ago

Bert Dezwart 2 years ago

Also closed

Smaranda Sabau 2 years ago

The zumba teacher is super energetic and makes a motivating atmosphere during each class <3

FirexOokami 2 years ago

Lovely a ladies only basic fit! It is a shame that so many men make a problem of it when enough women are viewed as a piece of meat or are being run after because they dress a bit too scarce (while the normal sportswear is just okay) and it is simply the smallest small to have a mixed basic fit out of it, because it would be packed every day ... I think it's fine the way it is and I even chatted with others a few times, super fun!

Antoinette Brigitte 2 years ago

Maartje 3 years ago

I have always found this a very nice gym. But there are indeed male instructors around. So that can be a disadvantage for some people.

My Videos 4 years ago

As the name suggests, it’s a no-frills basic gym. I’m very grateful for a women-only space to do my workouts, precisely so I’m protected from the type of men in this review section complaining about a women-only space! They illustrate perfectly why a women’s space is needed. I like to listen to my own music, and find that the volume of the music in this gym is sometimes a bit too loud.

Miyara 4 years ago

Great, as far as I am concerned, one more can be opened where you can park for free.

Carmen Brouwer 4 years ago

What are men sitting here throwing bad reviews? Women come here not to be bothered by males who like themselves a lot in the gym. To just be able to do their thing among the women without feeling watched or to have a nice workout without a headscarf! Shame on you for making this a problem.

Jody Krause 5 years ago

Very nice and quiet gym. The staff also performs an exercise if you do not understand it correctly

Nordin El Yousoufi 5 years ago

Good that there is a place for women who can only exercise with the same gender.

Rollie Button 5 years ago

Very clean, always enough free equipment to use even when it's quite busy, friendly and helpful staff (assisted me when I lost my pass as well as when my lock broke and had to be cut off because it no longer opened); I enjoy this location a great deal. I also like that it's open until 10:30 on week nights, although I wish they had the same hours at least on Saturday if not Sunday. Small price to pay for how late I can work out during the week! I come here exclusively, no need for other branches in my case. It's rather sad that so many reviewers are complaining that this is a female only location. This is an issue of safety, privacy and security for certain women. Men are permitted at all other locations and are hardly inconvenienced by this one location being only for women.

Ling Tsai 5 years ago

I was the for the first time on Friday. It was very clean, not smelly at all compared to other coed basic fits. Was not crowded either (was there 16-17). Very pleasant and I will keep going there. It wasn't any staff there but that's okei for me and for the price you pay. It's better than expected.

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