Informatie over InTension Health Club Scheveningen B.V.

Marcelisstraat 200
2586 RZ, Den Haag
+31 70 331 8811


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–21:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00

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Maandag: 07:00 – 22:00 Dinsdag: 07:00 – 22:00 Woensdag: 07:00 – 22:00 Donderdag: 07:00 – 22:00 Vrijdag: 07:00 – 21:00 Za / Zo: 09:00 – 16:00


InTension Health Club Scheveningen B.V. heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

InTension Health Club Scheveningen B.V.: Meningen

Dela Atubra 1 year ago

I'm a big fan of the X-core and Power group classes. Great lean muscle building and body toning. Grateful mom of two here. :) Highly recommended.

Anita Taal 1 year ago

Great gym !!!!

Oskar Wols 1 year ago

Good and cozy gym where you can exercise individually or in a group and independently or guided to personal trainer. Physiotherapy is also available.

Laura 1 year ago

Everything great! Well organised. Nice and competent staff.

Margreet van Veen 1 year ago

A very nice gym; good atmosphere, top group lessons, good quality equipment and enough space to also do individual exercises.

Marlies Kort 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Wouter Kulche 2 years ago

Ik dacht eerder al 5 sterren te hebben gegeven, kom ik er achter dat het op 2 is blijven haken (en mij dan toch noch vriendelijk blijven aankijken). Mijn excuses. Prima sportschool, licht en zwaar, net publiek, veel ruimte, goed onderhouden/schoon.

Youp Snel 3 years ago

It's a great gym even for young people like me.

Mario Hakkaart 3 years ago

It was great again ... very good and cozy gym

Rudolf M Bolle (Ruud) 3 years ago

It's the best thing in in Scheveningen. You can even go there just for a coffee & a tosti. The staff is fantastic, friendly, and very helpful! It's an experience you don't wane mis.

Remco Lodeweges 3 years ago

I've been coming here for years. one and a half meters difficult to maintain.

Charley Engels 3 years ago

Member of Intension for 12 years. Nice and friendly staff, always a friendly atmosphere, good guidance, range of lessons, wellness .. Top gym!

Almere-Taxi-Centrale 4 years ago


Ton de Meulmeester 4 years ago

Many options regarding devices and courses. Good and friendly physiotherapists

Alice Barton 4 years ago

I come to aero-yoga once a week through onefit and love it. The teacher is very kind and knowledgeable and the classroom is well set up. I greatly enjoy the class.

Florine Walburg 4 years ago

A very nice gym with friendly staff.

Laura CM Meurs 5 years ago

Good guidance, nice lessons, clean!

Marit Berssenbrugge 5 years ago

It makes me so happy ....

Monika Wi?niewska 5 years ago

great gym! full equipment and the help of a trainer always available

Nancy Keil 5 years ago

The club offers a variety of fun courses and friendly service. The trainers are knowledgeable and experienced with a wonderful international setting!!

Ed van Uffelen 5 years ago

The best gym on Scheveningen

Jan Kaas 5 years ago

Clean, professional guidance etc etc a perfect gym to work out.

John van der Lubbe 6 years ago

Good gym

Daniela Ruiz 6 years ago

Best gym in town. Great crew, classes, machines.. Simply the best.

Gino Wassenaar 6 years ago

Clean gym with friendly staff and nice audience.

M R 6 years ago

Wonderful little health club near the heart of the city. Not far from the hotels in the area. I lift heavy and had no problem finding machines and weights here. Staff and clientele are super courteous and friendly. The sauna is also AMAZING! Word to the wise, the first shower outside the sauna is always ice cold. It's to rinse off after you sauna.

InTension Health Club Scheveningen 7 years ago

We always offer a trial lesson to let the interested get acquainted with InTension Health Club Scheveningen. This trial lesson is free and without obligation. Then you can decide to become a member of us. The price of our youth subscription is very reasonable in relation to other dance schools and the registration fee is charged on all subscriptions (regardless of promotional periods). Payment of the subscription is via monthly direct debit. The youth subscription can be canceled per calendar month and therefore not for the minimum duration of one year. This condition gives parents the opportunity to cancel the youth subscription after a full calendar month should this be desired.

Neo 7 years ago

I and my family have been members of InTension for several years. Something for everyone. You are who you are and always welcome. There are various group lessons to follow which are given by an enthusiastic instructor. My favorite lesson is Kick-itt. Enjoying a hot yoga together with my daughter on Sunday morning and currently also following a workshop (8x) Krav Maga on Sunday ..... TOP! Changing rooms, shower and sauna are clean and well-kept. Greetings, fam Roeleveld

Vanda Csapó 7 years ago

I love this gym. It focuses healthy lifestyle and being active and sportive. Very clean, very well equipped, not too big not too small. Simply great!

Riana DAl 7 years ago

Great gym! Feel very comfortable and you can be yourself! Nice varied lessons and always innovative activities. And the coffee is tasty too :)

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