Informatie over SQM Gym

Veerstraat 73-75
1075 SP, Amsterdam
+31 20 786 5288


  • maandag: 07:00–21:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–21:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–21:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–21:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–21:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–17:00
  • zondag: 09:00–17:00

SQM Gym Havenstraat en SQM Gym Veerstraat liggen een steenworp afstand van elkaar. Met maar liefst 405 lessen per maand hebben we het meest gevarieerde lesaanbod van Amsterdam-Zuid! De Havenstraat locatie is gespecialiseerd in CrossFit, circuit en mobility. Onze locatie op de Veerstraat heeft een focus op Fitness, Zaktraining, Technieklessen (kick)boksen, mobility, kids-lessen, Personal training en Fysiotherapie.

SQM Gym has 2 indoor gym locations in Amsterdam-South (Veerstraat en Havenstraat). We offer 405 classes per week. Our Havenstraat location is specialised in CrossFit, circuit training and mobility. The Veerstraat location offers fitness, heavy bag training, (kick)boxing technique classes, mobility classes, kids kickboxing classes, personal training and physical therapy.


SQM Gym heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

SQM Gym: Meningen

Tajinder Paul Singh 3 months ago

A nice gym with capable trainers, nice equipment and a nice atmosphere. The boxing lessons are of high quality. The changing rooms are clean and there is a free towel service if you want to shower

Fatih Arslan 3 months ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism

Timon 3 months ago

Good gym in Amsterdam! Nice quality fitness equipment including hammer strength and life fitness.

Diederick Postma 4 months ago

I started here as a Crossfit rookie and immediately received good guidance to learn all workouts well and to make rapid progress. Friendly and good instructors and a friendly atmosphere with other athletes. The Crossfit box is two blocks away from the gym and boxing lessons, so you are always training in small company.

Enrique Otero 6 months ago

My best gym experience in Amsterdam!

Bar Lavi 7 months ago

Awsome classes, friendly and helpful staff, every trainer is unique, professional and gives personal attention. Amazing gym, worth every penny!

Marina Guimaraes 7 months ago

Great infrastructure and great boxing classes

Marijke 8 months ago

I've been to SQM Gym (Veerstraat) twice now. You can join for free for a week to see if it's for you. The desk clerks are really super nice and gave me a little tour. The changing room is small, but clean and tidy and you can also take a shower. There are lockers for your belongings. The level of boxing and kickboxing is quite high in this gym. Every level is welcome, but if you want to get that little bit more out of it, this is a really good place. During the lessons, the trainer provides everyone with feedback, even during bag training. I was not used to this, and I really like it. Trainers can explain clearly and are technically very good. There is also a ring in the gym. I think "ringwork" is a funny concept. You then warm up independently and then work with the trainer on the pads for 30 minutes with a small group of people (max. 5). Good atmosphere, beautiful location, nice staff and trainers with a lot of experience and technique. I was positively surprised, so I recommend it.

Hg Ug 1 year ago


Maria Golubchikova 1 year ago

Great atmosphere, fantastic trainers and neat facilities! Love this gym!

Axelle Ahanhanzo 1 year ago

Awesome facilities for (kick-)boxing aficionados. Including a boxing ring, boxing bags area where most of the group classes take place + an smaller area for weight lifting and functional training. The gym is rarely too crowded. The trainers are professional, fun, full of energy and highly motivating in pushing yourself further. And there's also a lot of diversity in the classes offered. Last thing, due to COVID19 some of the classes take place outdoor in a rather cool location nearby.

Rienzo Colpo 1 year ago

Great facilities. Good range of equipment. Clean, bright. Friendly people. Knowledgeable trainers.

Bilal Aslam 1 year ago

Super awesome owners, excellent trainers and down to earth members. Love it!

Szymon Wieczorek 1 year ago

Best GYM in Amsterdam

Barbara Brugman 1 year ago

Nice gym. Kickboxing for kids is great fun and the teacher is a winner

Valerie Schellekens 1 year ago

Nice gym with an extensive range of classes at a prime location in Amsterdam! Good material and very good trainers.

Richard Pools 1 year ago

Fantastic, good training at a level. Nice audience and very good physiotherapist Melvin

Jason Resnick 2 years ago

After finishing almost every martial arts school through OneFit, I can say that SQM2 belongs to the absolute top. This gym has everything; good trainers, a nice clean room and very friendly staff. Keep it up!

Peter M 2 years ago

Small is beautiful

Tony Familia 2 years ago

Best gym in amsterdam!

Kasjan Paszkowski 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Me and my girlfriend came for a few workouts during our holiday and were very pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is amazing, the staff are super friendly and push you further and take an interest making you feel welcome and a part of the community. By far my favourite gym in Amsterdam and back home.

Alex Heringa 2 years ago

Incredibly warm staff and the lessons are super good. Really recommended!

Zafar Jehat 2 years ago

Definitely the best gym in Amsterdam!

Merel Lohman 2 years ago

From the first step you take inside: a warm welcome. Nice staff and nice spontaneous trainers. With each lesson also a personal tip. The gym is new and clean.

Joey Matahelumual 2 years ago

The gym offers plenty of opportunity for group lessons, but also for individual fitness. The staff is super helpful! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a nice gym.

Camilla van Rheenen 2 years ago

Nice space, looks neat. They even have their own bicycles for rent.

Yentle Gootjes 2 years ago

Great gym. Trainers approach everyone personally. Pleasant ambience.

Es Je 3 years ago

Best gym in town!

Pampered Bones workout studio 3 years ago

Great gym! Great lessons. Super nice staff. Really recommended.

Julia Peters 3 years ago

Super nice gym! Very accessible and friendly staff. Good trainers and a great atmosphere!

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