Informatie over Olympic Gym Amsterdam

Olympisch Stadion 23
1076 DE, Amsterdam
+31 20 675 2313


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 08:30–17:00
  • zondag: 08:30–17:00

Op zoek naar de beste sportschool in Amsterdam? Kom eens langs bij Olympic Gym Amsterdam in het Olympisch Stadion! Maak gebruik van de gratis dagkaart en probeer ons vrijblijvend uit.

Bij Olympic Gym Amsterdam vinden wij het superbelangrijk wat onze leden van ons vinden. Wij controleren daarom periodiek de klanttevredenheid en pakken zaken aan die daaruit naar voren komen. Daarnaast houden wij jaarlijks een uitgebreid klanttevredenheids onderzoek waarin alle facetten van de gym naar voren komen. Wij halen hieruit waardevolle feedback die wij gebruiken om onze service en gym verder te kunnen optimaliseren. 

Olympic Gym Amsterdam zorgt voor de inspirerende locatie, de begeleiding, de apparatuur, de gewichten, de ambiance, de sfeer en het uitgebreide aanbod. Jij hoeft alleen nog gemotiveerd langs te komen en de resultaten komen vanzelf!


Olympic Gym Amsterdam heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Olympic Gym Amsterdam: Meningen

Loek Migchelbrink 1 year ago

At Medico Vision I have had the feeling from the first moment that I am really being helped to achieve my goals. I myself have a lot of experience within the fitness world and therefore also with different sports centers. I have never experienced the professional guidance offered by Medico Vision in the field of training and nutrition. Every training there are trainers waiting for me to help me achieve great results. The location in the Olympic stadium is unique, but especially the personal guidance convinced me that Medico Vision is the sports center for me in Amsterdam.

Lonneke Wesseling 1 year ago

A top location, professional and personal guidance, result orientation, a very wide range of group lessons and a warm and pleasant atmosphere make Medico Vision the ideal gym for me.

Vivien Broekman 1 year ago

After endless back problems, I have been training here for years under precisely appropriate and constructive guidance, so that I can move freely and painlessly again. Relaxed atmosphere, everyone is welcome. Recommended!

feeling good 1 year ago

Delicious fresh vital gimber shot after exercise.

SoftNoize 1 year ago

The place gives the feeling of a family managed business. It is not busy even in peak times (to me the best thing in a gym), it has the best and most complete gear set I could see in Amsterdam, with all the high-end technogym line, classes are good, there is a nice view on the stadium and canal, changing rooms are spacious and the staff is super friendly. They also added a juice bar recently. Training gear aside, the gym feels quite old, especially the interiors, the changing rooms and showers. They do not provide towels, no wellness/spa, not much “vibe” as it is always nearly empty and music is low. Also it would be nice to have a few extra benches and a biceps bench! Really reccomended if what you care of is just working out with no frills!

Anca Pescarasu 1 year ago

Super nice gym with great classes and spacious lockers.

Justin Remco Hanny 1 year ago

Top location!

Alaïa Plieger 1 year ago

Olympic gym is a very high quality gym. Don't be afraid to ask, because everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable! The atmosphere within the gym is very nice and it is always clean.

Wilma van Diejie 2 years ago

Great gym, with daycare!

Rene Fuldauer 2 years ago

Love going there neat clean and they are very helpful

Julia Schuiling 2 years ago

Olympic Gym Amsterdam is an attractive and accessible gym. The friendliness, knowledge of the trainers and the quality of the materials makes sports at Olympic Gym excellent. The offer is wide, something for everyone. In addition, the location of the gym is unique. The training environment makes exercising even more fun and gives you more energy! Olympic Gym is constantly looking for points for improvement in order to continue to offer sports as optimally as possible. In other words, I am very satisfied with Olympic Gym!

D.F.G (DutchFootballgoons) 3 years ago

Olympic Gym is a really great gym to work out in. The extremely relaxed atmosphere, trainers that walk everywhere and the unique location makes it a pleasure to be able to exercise here. When the weather is better you can walk a few laps in the stadium which is really unique. It's a clean gym with modern weights and equipment and group classes that are fun to follow. In short, I will definitely stay here for a while!

Jaimy roemer 3 years ago

Super nice gym! Sports in a unique location: the Olympic stadium. Friendly trainers who are always open to questions and help. In addition, you will receive personal guidance in creating your training theme that leads to your goal. Really recommended!

Chiel - 3 years ago

Nice gym. We have been training here for almost 2 years now and we really enjoy it. Always well maintained! and cleaned up

Leo Chan 4 years ago

Great facility that has all I looked for in a fitness gym and more. Very cool that you get access to the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium.

Martin 4 years ago

Great gym with quality equipment and good trainers.

Eva Klint 4 years ago

Nice gym with nice range of group lessons

Bas Peters 4 years ago

Some of the absolute best and most experienced trainer(s) in the Netherlands. Period. (and unique location with the newest equipment available)

Mark Brons 4 years ago

With Medico Vision we have been doing business satisfactorily for a number of years. We experience everyone at Medico Vision as personal, professional, pleasant and above all that it is people who do their work with great pleasure. An absolute must as a gym in Amsterdam!

Vasily Birulin 4 years ago

Good place for fitness. Olympic spirit and all this kind of staff...

Ivar Brouwer 4 years ago

Overpriced but great!

Marc Dementier 4 years ago

Good physio + good gym + good food + good parking options

Peter M 4 years ago

Favorite gym in Amsterdam South

Jel Wans 4 years ago

Truly a place where I feel at home. With quality sports. Unique location, super inspiring for sports in the Olympic stadium. Guidance right from the start and very friendly. The devices are clean and look good, they are also super easy to use in conjunction with the app.

Benjamin Grooter 4 years ago

Serious trainers, serious gym in Olympic Stadium and recommended for injuries

J.L. Bijlsma 4 years ago

The gym is spacious, has good parking facilities and is in a quiet (and green) prime location near the center and in the Olympic stadium. Some supervisors who see you walking notice if you can improve an exercise to prevent injuries. This is a service that you can expect from a gym like this. As far as I am concerned, this guidance can be even more intensive. Other guidance is good, you have to ask yourself. Some are immediately enthusiastic and will explain and others want to schedule a PT immediately. In terms of devices, there is enough. Bars / weights and the like in themselves. For the dumbell squad a 50 & 60 KG dumbell would be an addition. Elastics are regularly 'lost'. I would recommend that you only lend it at the desk and if you don't bring it back the school will charge you 7.50 euros. This gym is definitely worth 5 stars. I am confident that this gym will continue to develop. Unfortunately I will move and see you no longer from October. Good luck!

M K 5 years ago

Best gym in Amsterdam; unique location, modern equipment and good service.

Nadine Diepeveen 5 years ago

Top gym

Pam Ligtvoet 5 years ago

Very nice and good gym! Quality really comes first. Good guidance and there is also a wide choice of group lessons. In addition to a fitness, there are many other facilities that you can use, great! In addition, it is of course located in a unique location.

Shira Richter 5 years ago

Great place even have a small day care for the kids

Andrew Harrison 5 years ago

It's a high-end gym, so it's not cheap, but they delivery on expectations. It has very nice changing rooms, spacious enough gym area with modern machines, really good cardio equipment with all the latest bells and whistles. They have a lot of different classes, a nice little cafe attached, and you can use the track in the Olympic Stadium during the day.

Laura Heupers 5 years ago

Very nice gym in a unique location! Wide range of group lessons and good guidance during exercise. In addition to the fitness area, the gym also has many other facilities that you can use. Really recommended!

Sébastien De Wolf 5 years ago

Love the gym and especially the classes they give. Very professional and friendly staff !

Jafeth Schweigman 5 years ago

My gym for the last 15 years!! Go there as much as possible. Joey and Jeroen are toppertjes!!

Moreno Jourdain 5 years ago

Top gym with good guidance!

O La 6 years ago

Good gym

Oded Friedmann 6 years ago

My wife and I really enjoyed the option to use the olympic stadium, the modern equipment and the very friendly staff. Great gym!

Bart Hattink 6 years ago

Big, well-equipped gym with -very cool- access to the stadium.

Henny Salemovich 6 years ago

You get what you pay for. All necessary options are there and not too crowded. Nice vibe as well with a view on the inner space of the Olympic stadium

Noella Minnee 7 years ago

Without a doubt the best gym in Amsterdam and surroundings! You will not be left to your own devices here, but will be guided and advised by highly knowledgeable (and super nice) sports instructors. Even during the periods that I was not doing well, I have always been very happy. The bit of extra attention that they offer you here is, in my opinion, very valuable and helps you achieve your personal goals. In addition, it is also a very beautiful gym in the middle of the Olympic Stadium. There is beautiful, new fitness equipment and there are also opportunities for personal training and nutritional advice. Oh yes, the group lessons are also great fun to follow. Boxing is recommended!

miron dumitru 7 years ago

Finally a gym, which offered the guidance I needed! Already 100x had a gym and now finally achieved my goals without the extra costs of a Personal Trainer. Never leave the Olympic Stadium again. All credits!

Sebas Mathas 7 years ago

Nice to have a gym where you are no longer treated like a number! The trainers are involved and really want to help you further. With great pleasure I have been training here for more than three years and the variety of fitness and group lessons is really good for me. Not only do I feel much fitter, it is also visible. I always keep exercising here!

Gerrit bij de Leij 7 years ago

I have been doing sports / fitness at Medico Vision for around 25 years. Their professional, relaxed and personal guidance, excellent equipment (all have recently been updated) ensures that I have been a loyal customer for years. The location in the Olympic Stadium, overlooking the athletics track is unique. Clean and tidy shower rooms, with wet and dry sauna. There are a multitude of fitness programs; for each his own. They use reasonable prices. You really get value for money. Highly recommended!

Brian Hannon 7 years ago

The gym just got all new equipment - internet on the trainers and nice weight machines. Always comfortable, always clean, it's a nice place.

Rosalie Dols 7 years ago

The personal supervision of sports center Medico Vision is very pleasant. Everyone is welcome and there is room for every level. There is a wide range of group lessons so that you can go at any time of the day.

Nathalie Soliman 7 years ago

Medico Vision is really a nice gym. Good guidance, good location, tasty / healthy bistro and clean! The latter is an important point for me because I think this is not the case with many other gyms. You actually always see someone cleaning. In August 2015 I started working at Medico under the guidance of a personal trainer (Jeroen Halsema) and he helped me a lot from transforming someone who was not fit at all to someone who would like to exercise every day! The lessons are super extensive such as Les Mills lessons but also lessons like Yoga and X-fit (Crossfit). The atmosphere is great and, last but not least, really important to me personally, everyone really comes there to actually sport !!!

Sanne Koblens 7 years ago

After having sustained an injury, I ended up at Medico Vision. I have had very nice and professional guidance here, which made me the old man again in no time. In addition to the very good guidance, the location of Medico Vision gives me the feeling that I am exercising as a true top athlete. Thanks to Medico Vision, I no longer started to see sports as an obligation, but I also got pleasure from it. Every training is for me to enjoy again. Together with my personal trainer I am now working on personal goals and we are constantly looking for new challenges.

Kim Lap 7 years ago

Thanks to the knowledge and guidance at Medico Vision, I have finally achieved my goals in the area of ​​weight gain and muscle building, thankyou guys!

Ivo Hop 7 years ago

Good gym. Lots of facilities. Good staff and generally really helpful. It gets a bit busy between 7-8pm but otherwise no problem.

Emma Tönis 7 years ago

You will receive good and personal guidance here. It is a beautiful club with a great atmosphere

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