Informatie over BigGym Groningen

Protonstraat 26
9743 AL, Groningen


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 08:30–17:00
  • zondag: 08:30–17:00

Kom sporten bij de gezelligste sportschool van Groningen. Onbeperkt cardio, fitness en groepslessen. Schrijf je nu gratis in en sport tot augustus 2019 gratis.

Zoek je een leuke en gezellige sportschool? Dan ben je van harte welkom bij BigGym Groningen. Iedereen kan hier werken aan de perfecte workout, ongeacht je leeftijd en niveau.

Op maar liefst 4.000 m2 staan ruim 350 fitnesstoestellen klaar om je in het zweet te werken onder begeleiding van professionele en gediplomeerde instructeurs.

? 3000m2 gym oppervlakte ? 300 fitnesstoestellen ? Cardio & Fitness ? Groepslessen zoals: • Booty • Zumba • Pump • Boxing • Senior • BigCross • Nog velen meer ? Gratis parkeren ? Gratis Personal Coaching ? Gratis lockers ? Zonnebank ? Massagestoel ? Nieuwste apparatuur


BigGym Groningen heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

BigGym Groningen: Meningen

Web meister 2 months ago

Excellent gym! Good equipment and nice staff.

Kees Werkman 6 months ago

Nice and quiet this morning.

Zhanna 8 months ago

Like the name states pretty big (that's what she said) gym. With a lot of equipment. Didn't try out the group lessons yet, so don't have an opinion on that one yet. Nice colors. Times I visited wasn't really busy, felt pretty nice to have some space (not only due to Covid, introverts might find it also a nice detail). Hope that all will go well with the subscription: have a flexible one. With this one you need to stay with the gym for minimum of 2 months and later you can stop your subscription if needed per month, only need to inform until a certain day of the month (it is up to your starting day I suppose).

Ferdi Sancak 1 year ago

Best part of this gym is the lighting. This makes you feel like you're in your own private gym. It's big and spacious and got everything you need for a good workout.

Sheegow Sheegow band 1 year ago

giovanni gemert 1 year ago

Gym rats

Rein van Sloun 1 year ago

super gym! Very friendly, chill employee(s). Too bad the air conditioning is broken.

Roger Muzolf 1 year ago

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff Enough space and amount of equipment so that you can almost always get started!

Lesley Ryan Hollard 1 year ago

Big gym without measures is a great shop. They have just about all the equipment and more you could want. Because it is a large space, it is always pleasantly busy, never too busy. As long as measures do not play a role, I am and will remain a strong supporter of this gym! Greetings and see you soon

Jan Willem Kruizenga 2 years ago

Undoubtedly a good gym but not for me

Reinder Kremer 2 years ago


Chiel Verzijde 2 years ago

perfect gym

Hans Masselman 2 years ago

Best gym of Groningen

Aron Imandikromo 2 years ago

Great sports, large space, great

Julian van Dijken 2 years ago

First impression: really big, many different devices and enough free weights. Also designed for athletes who want to train specifically for sports.

Sylvester 2 years ago

Nice spacious, lots of equipment and I never have to wait when I want to use the stuff.

Nadine Laarman 2 years ago

Large-scale gym. So always enough space for sports!

Rob hoekx 2 years ago

Large gym with all possibilities and amenities.

patricia benedick 2 years ago

I am only a sponsor, but my 15-year-old son enjoys playing here.

Jasper Wal 2 years ago

Nice complete gym

Rene Kammenga 2 years ago

Very spacious gym with many equipment.

Rens Aggelen 2 years ago

Great space, lots of equipment, and staff are always happy to help you :)

Suzanne Eisses 3 years ago

Wonderfully spacious and enough equipment so that you don't have to wait a century for something.

bjorn van dijk 3 years ago

Super large but what do you expect from a gym with the name biggym Lots of devices and possibilities with regard to personal training, spinning, boxing, etc And my personal opinion is that good sports music is also played

Dries Veenje 3 years ago

Few secondary facilities, but for the hardcore weightlifter a mecca. Everything is there in terms of machines, but especially many loose weights.

Tim Sluijter 3 years ago

A lot of squatracks, many of all devices and nice customers who take training seriously, which is motivating!

Michiel Heikens 3 years ago

Spacious and well-arranged. Many devices so you don't have to wait often.

Diana Akkerman 3 years ago

Nice location ... nice people ... clean environment .... great group lessons !!

#BarkieDingen 3 years ago

Large room, many appliances and always enough free

Michiel Vos 3 years ago

Large gym with many options.

Lisa van Ginkel 3 years ago

Nice gym. Good equipment and neat environment. I just thought it was too far to cycle so I switched. If there were more locations I would have stayed.

Hassib 3 years ago

My second house! Super large XXL GYM. Clean, good brand equipment. Enough space to do your exercises without annoying anybody. Perfect style and lighting of gym is fantastic, so I can focus on my workout than other staff around, very smart concept! Personals are very polite and kind and work hard. But some personals at the reception look a bit angry Smiles really help to give each other more motivation for a perfect workout. I love this place and my compliment for such great gym! Please keep it like this, it is gift for Groningen . Thank you Biggym team

Toussaint Serpenti 4 years ago

Nice large gym with friendly service

Stefan Suurmeijer 4 years ago

Nice big gym (the name covers it nicely ;-)). Lot of equipment, not much waiting and long hours

Joran Edens 4 years ago


Sidney Short 4 years ago

Large and comprehensive gym. There is something for everyone to do here.

Gerrie Monique Delger van der Laan 4 years ago

nice size, neat, nice staff

Jarno de Hont 4 years ago

Very nice big gym. Well priced

Susanne van der Velde 4 years ago

Love this gym. Affordable, clean, complete, friendly staff. Very nice. They have a lot of equipment id never seen before.

bas dudink 4 years ago

Nice big gym, but there is never fresh air in the gym

Kerry Lu 4 years ago

Little tonno wait, friendly staff

Anouchka van Helden-Maasbommel 4 years ago

Good gym where you can create your own route and complete your program

Jan Willem Winter 4 years ago

Great gym without bothering each other. No free shower, costs 50 cents.

nalan akyürek 4 years ago

It’s a really big gym friendly staff too ^.^

Joël Visser 4 years ago

Great gym lots of machines and weights. You can do everything there

arne uilkema 5 years ago

Nice and big gym. Friendly staff, very much and good equipment.

Rutger Vondeling 5 years ago

Great gym, 3500 or 4500 square meter, had powerlift stations enough weights foto everyone and so on

Viacheslav Lyukshin 5 years ago

The gym and the variety of equipment are just perfect. The changing rooms and the shower are total disaster. Still 5 stars :)

tCC 5 years ago

Spacious, clean and lots of equipment

Mario 5 years ago

Nice big Gym. Clean and new equipment. A lot of equipment

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