Informatie over Sportcentrum Balili

Hoendiep 97F
9718 TE, Groningen
+31 50 318 3964


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–16:00
  • zondag: 09:00–16:00

Wij zijn een professioneel, sportief en gezellig sportcentrum waar iedereen de persoonlijke aandacht krijgt die hij of zij nodig heeft! Het is niet voor niks dat Sportcentrum Balili is verkozen tot de beste sportschool van provincie Groningen!

Wij zijn een professioneel, sportief en gezellig sportcentrum waar iedereen de persoonlijke aandacht krijgt die hij of zij nodig heeft! Het is niet voor niks dat Sportcentrum Balili is verkozen tot de beste sportschool van provincie Groningen!

Behaal je fitnessdoelen met hulp van gratis fitness schema’s en persoonlijke begeleiding. Wij zijn er niet alleen om te sporten maar ook voor je mentale ontspanning en lichamelijke ontspanning kun je bij ons terecht.


Sportcentrum Balili heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Sportcentrum Balili: Meningen

Jeroen van der Mark 1 year ago

I have been training at this gym for over half a year now. Super nice atmosphere and nice people. The spinning lesson from Harmen in particular is a challenge every time. Heavy legs! But a satisfied feeling the next day! Nice family atmosphere :)

Wiebren de Jong 1 year ago

Really a nice gym, Not too busy and super fitness instructor :)

Ricardo Rijzinga 1 year ago

Chille gym with a cozy atmosphere that offers something fun for every target group. From jumping fitness, spinning and other fun group lessons to martial arts or old fashion strength training,

Daut Sadikoviq 1 year ago

A gym where you have a family feeling. In addition, a super wide range of all kinds of activities for a very nice price. In contrast to other gyms, quality is more important than quantity.

Edwin Schrevers 1 year ago

This is really a very nice gym. Many offers, nice members and a pleasant atmosphere!

Oleg Iakovlev 1 year ago

Nice gym with various activities.

Stefan Hoppentocht 1 year ago

Exactly what I needed.

Astrid Van Der Vaart 1 year ago

Nice personal contact, always a chat and pleasant atmosphere. Enough equipment and challenge to find. Feels like coming home

Janice Tempelers 1 year ago

Sported a year at Balili, by moving back to Amsterdam, but I will miss this gym so much! I don't know a gym that has all kinds of fitness equipment, kickboxing, dance lessons, yoga, spinning all inclusive. Super customer friendly and nice and down to earth. I can recommend everyone to take out a subscription at Sports Center Balili!

roy heinkens 1 year ago

Nice gym lots of space

MD B 2 years ago

What an experience, I recommend this sportshook to everyone. Pfoew the atmosphere is not normally high. What a dangling

Johan Inderwisch 2 years ago

Neat and good tools. Free parking

Tobias Ham 2 years ago

A super gym that offers customization and does a lot for their members. A truly personal approach. They also have different classes with enthusiastic instructors. They also take into account the 1.5 meters in both the classes and the fitness area. A top gym that I would definitely recommend.

Wendy G. 2 years ago

Very friendly staff, many options in terms of lessons, good equipment and above all a very nice, relaxed atmosphere without egos??

Michiel Teunissen 2 years ago

Cozy gym with good atmosphere and fun group lessons

Thomas van Leeuwen 2 years ago

I have been training at Balili for over two years now and it is a fantastic gym with a very pleasant atmosphere. Nice varied lessons and always enthusiastic trainers. This place is class.

Sanne Bredenoort 2 years ago

Balili is great !! I myself mainly do kickboxing at Balili and within kickboxing there is something for every level and every wish! If I want to do something different, there are many different types of lessons on offer. Super gym!

Gretha Kiezebrink 2 years ago

Fine, Little hard to find, but if you know it is easier. Plenty of parking options.

Veiligheidsdiensten op maat 2 years ago

Schone en nette sportschool met goed personeel die er verstand van heeft. Voor vragen zijn ze goed te bereiken ook nu in de Corona tijd. Ook deze branche heeft het heel zwaar, maar toch staan ze klaar voor je en komen ze met gerichte oplossingen!

Fabian Van Iddekinge 2 years ago

Best gym in Groningen, always fun and professional. Enough devices for strength and stamina. Martial arts also top notch. Big 5 stars.

Wartan Wartan 3 years ago

Super customer friendly, a gym where you can find everything under one roof. Many gyms visited but at Balili RESPECT is at the top! Martial arts are good, good trainers!

Linda 3 years ago

Involved friendly staff. Many options in terms of group activities. Room for individual wishes. A very good price for the quality you get.

Mark Boers 3 years ago

Good gym with friendly staff and many different devices. Slightly busy in the evenings but doable outside and on weekends. Definitely recommended above the budget gyms.

peter de boer 3 years ago

Nice gym, lots of choice in fitness equipment. You can train well. It is never too busy so that you cannot reach anything.

Andor Aaldriks 3 years ago

I used to train here some time ago, today I was back for the first time in ages. It felt like coming home. This is the gym where people greet you since the very first day, people hold the door open for you and they give you great advice on how to train.

Edwin Martirosian 3 years ago

Top gym!

Jur Bron 3 years ago

Grigor has made a personal training schedule for me, I finally get results.

marcel jannes 3 years ago

It's Monday Today Enjaa Monday Sports is on my program and I do this at the best / coziest Sports School Balili Groningen! I give Balili 5 Stars! Do you train there too? Then you understand immediately! For the people who don't exercise there: At Balili you enter and you immediately feel you are welcome and you are kindly greeted by Grigor (The BarMan) and the sports can begin! Everyone is doing their thing the Swear is Cozy and age Weight it Doesn't matter! Respect for each other is very visible/tangible! After some Cardio and Strength training you hand in your key to Grigor he wishes you a nice day with a smile and see you Wednesday we'll meet! On the bike I sit and think how good it went! And once home I'm actually looking forward to Wednesday already Wednesday is kickboxing on the program just like Friday Wednesday by Souren Vrijdag Van Naily I haven't been training very long on Wednesdays, but I'm Getting Spicy Training and Sparring is every other week. The Group is fun and everyone can join in! Friday Kickboxing from Naily is on the program for me And then you have what Hear Only Naily gets 5 Stars from me now you are definitely curious!!! I Would Say Come to Balili Gym on Friday at 09:45 and join a lesson!!! Again Age Weight It Doesn't Matter With Balili!! See you soon Ush ???????????

MyrtheDV 3 years ago

Super chill gym, friendly staff and many different types of lessons. Only in the evening it is a bit busier but I have never really had to wait for a device or anything and there is always a parking place

Merel Fentener van Vlissingen 3 years ago

A super nice gym with all possibilities; lessons such as kickboxing and zumba, but also the option to go to the gym yourself. Pleasant staff who are always there for you and lend a hand. Not only is exercising very pleasant, but the sauna is also a wonderful option for after exercise

Mario 3 years ago

Wonderful gym

bas de vos 3 years ago

Balili is a gym with a wide range of sports options. It is not without reason that Balili has been a gym in the north for several years. What characterizes Balili is the cosiness and the group feeling. Different nationalities and cultures train together without any thunder or rooster behavior. And that is different in many other gyms. Everyone is equal. Highly educated in addition to lowly educated. The sense of togetherness, that makes this gym special. The staff is friendly. The trainers are motivated and competent. Wide range of different sports styles. I always go to my boxing sessions with a lot of pleasure. Come and see me soon. You are very welcome.

G H 3 years ago

Super gym. Many possibilities and a lot of space. Can always exercise quietly and spaciously. Even in corona times they look for possibilities. Recommended

Dashunaily Sling 3 years ago

Had a super experience! I have never seen such a gym before. Friendly and hospitable staff, clear explanation before entering a lesson. A super internship and instructor! Feel free to come along for a free trial lesson and experience it for yourself :)

weelo game 3 years ago

Balili is the best martial arts school in Groningen. Have trained for years in multiple gyms only here it is really a Club. Until tonight in the gym.

Stef B. 3 years ago

Super nice gym, relaxed atmosphere. Distinguished clearly from other gyms by the price / quality ratio and offering a wellness area.

Rabinder Oedairamsingh 3 years ago

Top gym! Has shown clear added value in Corona times. Where many gyms remained locked, Sportcentrum Balili has pulled out all the stops to mean as much as possible for its members. You could take advantage of both many online lessons, eg a brilliantly designed chair dance lesson! : D, as an outdoor fitness under supervision and in addition all kinds of outdoor group lessons (martial arts, dance, jumping fitness, etc.). Really great! But also for the Corona era and now during the relaxed measures, Sports Center Balili shows its strength: social, warm, listens to its members and a great diversity of lessons. The diversity among the members is also striking. So you always feel at home and you enjoy sports at Balili Sports Center!

Edwin lange 4 years ago

Best gym in the Netherlands boxing lessons from Edwin are good fun and educational, very happy to train good flow when you come in and feel like a 2nd home.

Joyce Bosma 4 years ago

A nice and beautiful Sports Center with a nice friendly atmosphere, a wide range of group lessons and super nice extras such as the Kickboxing Gala next Saturday 29 September 2018 !!!

Harm Kindt 4 years ago

Rightly the best gym in Groningen year after year

P 4 years ago

Nice gym, good lessons, nice music, nice staff.

Arout A 4 years ago

good and pleasant gym with knowledgeable and friendly staff that is always ready for you. good advice and fun group lessons. many possibilities.

Riet van Achteren 5 years ago

Nice gym! Not too busy, pleasant atmosphere and always a super friendly reception. Also a good and varied range of group lessons.

K 5 years ago

The best gym in groningen

Jasper 5 years ago

Good atmosphere and many options

gerrit schenk 5 years ago

One of the best sports centers in the Netherlands, committed staff, not too busy and spacious and light.

arnold tjeerdsma 5 years ago

Best gym ever!

Patrick Harder 6 years ago

Good and personal gym. The atmosphere is very good. It is a very diverse gym with all kinds of group lessons, kick boxes, etc. and fitness.

Sanne van Renesse 6 years ago

Nice spacious design, always room, no queue for equipment, a large choice of lessons and (fighting) sports, a sauna and Turkish steam bath, nice trainers and teachers

J 6 years ago

Nice gym with lots of modern equipment. Very pleasant atmosphere and super nice staff. Highly recommended!

Ronald Oostenbrink 7 years ago

Really good gym. I enjoyed sports there for 2 years. Everything is there including good and friendly staff. In the meantime my membership has been canceled, luckily a month too much was taken from my account, but this was immediately repaid properly, was no problem. I really recommend it.

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