Informatie over Fitness 365 Amsterdam

Snijdersbergweg 97
1105 AN, Amsterdam
+31 85 487 1920


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–17:00
  • zondag: 09:00–17:00

Bij Fitness365 geloven we in echte begeleiding: jij vertelt ons je doel en samen gaan we er helemaal voor. Wij blijven je motiveren, stellen continu je training bij en zorgen dat fit ook FUN blijft. Want een doel hebben is leuk, maar de weg naar jouw resultaat vinden wij minstens zo belangrijk....

Nieuw bij Fitness365: boksen!Fitness365 Amsterdam heeft flink verbouwd en het resultaat mag er wezen: een compleet nieuwe boksruimte op de 1ste verdieping met maar liefst 15 bokszakken. (Kick)Boksen is iets voor iedereen die zowel geestelijk als lichamelijk een uitdaging zoekt. Je kunt je lekke...

Wij vinen het leuk leuk als je bent aangemeld voor onze nieuwsbrief! Wij zullen je vanaf dan op de hoogte gaan houden van alle leuke nieuwtjes, tips en aanbiedingen die wij voor jou hebben.Team Fitness365


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Fitness 365 Amsterdam: Meningen


what a super nice club. friendly staff and everything you need under one roof.

Alex Nederland 2 months ago


Remco Vroom 2 months ago

Great gym

Elisabeth Schmidt 2 months ago

Top gym, good atmosphere, huge choice of group lessons and amazing fitness equipment. I have been sporting here for years with great pleasure!

Jelle P 3 months ago

Have already tried some gyms in Amsterdam. This is to date the best in terms of space, equipment and price.

Peter Meyer 3 months ago

Super gym, nice people.

Erica de Groot 3 months ago

Top gym

Erick E. 9 months ago

Perfect gym, very spacious, good guidance, not too expensive, many group lessons and clean

Helga Vissers 1 year ago

Good gym. Good guidance and many options

mo El boucabi 1 year ago

Fine crockery nice staff

lorenzo saro 1 year ago

Yes amaze especially staff!!!

Dirkje Schoon 1 year ago

Nice gym, luis is a super personal trainer.

Callan Kandasamy 2 years ago

Great gym with helpful staff

Shox86 2 years ago

Always good

Da Real Elteezy 2 years ago

Best gym so far I enjoy training there. Much better than f4f. Only in the evening I'm too busy, especially on a Monday which I personally less. Here and there could be some improvements but is highly recommended if you want to train seriously.

R Hazes 2 years ago

Top gym, serious people.

Robin Hoven - Lieuw Choy 2 years ago

Very nice gym ... Large set up and therefore enough space and many possibilities Friendly athletes and staff My favorite gym since 2013

Jasper Van Der Boon 3 years ago

I like this gym, very friendly good equipment

Cordelia Henry 3 years ago

Best gym in the Netherlands.

Claudio Fray 3 years ago

Clean, spacious and a very nice atmosphere. People train seriously, which inspires me to train harder

Ricky Baksh 3 years ago

Nice versatile gym

krijgtochdepleuris 3 years ago

Nice gym especially early in the morning around 7:00 always the same people, nice and quiet and still cozy

NNS Nent 4 years ago

Top club with many options

Merel de bloeme 4 years ago

Beautiful sports club good personal trainers provided by body2last .. friendly staff completely top

Leroy da Luz 4 years ago

Gym is top notch. They are equipped with all appliances.

Roy De Koning 4 years ago

top gym

Lisa Pepe (Juf Lisa) 4 years ago

Spacious gym, clean and friendly staff. The changing rooms are large and luxurious, with private showers and large mirrors and a sauna. I find the ladies-only part very nice and quiet.

Balvir Singh 5 years ago


Kasper Eriks 5 years ago

Top sports school, you have everything!

Marescha Holtkamp 5 years ago

Good value for money. Professional devices, various lessons and good guidance. And it's nice.

Peter Laurens Van Keulen 5 years ago

Great fitness and guidance!

Tom Koopman 5 years ago

Professional gym with options for everybody

Alwin van Binsbergen 5 years ago

Spacious, clean, good atmosphere and new material. Good price and easily accessible.

Judy M 5 years ago

Pleasant ambience.

Erwin van der Ham 5 years ago

I teach RPM here at this super nice club

??????? ?????? 5 years ago

Good afternoon. The hall is beautiful. Cardio zone, zone of "iron machines" (simulators). On the second floor there is a space for classes, where I began to strum after cardio. Next is the space for the lady "c. Let's start again. One day in the hall costs 15 euros (you don’t have to pay for a shower. In the Netherlands there are halls where you have to pay for a shower: 50 cents. Inside the check no longer ask. In the center of the hall there is a counter where you can ask a question. They will show you where the locker room is. Locker: if free, a key with a blue cord is inserted (maybe not blue already) Lower one euro from the inside, close the door, take the key with you (DO NOT worry, it’s small, Will not interfere.) Take your towel to put it on the simulators, so as not to leave add your sweat (this is also the rule in our halls) Treadmills: everything is simple. Press the start button, and then add or lower the speed and the angle of inclination with levers. !! The angle of inclination can be more than 15%. I can find any simulators everywhere. a few of those we don’t have (well, or I haven’t met). Example: a machine on which you immediately occupy the top and bottom of the press. There are plenty of dumbbells for everyone. There is enough space to work out and dance. There is excellent electronics (this is probably a radio station). Between exercises, you can move. Yes, there you go. There is a spacious hall for step aerobics. The light is not bright. Multi-colored light bulbs shine on the ceiling. This atmosphere sets you up for a good workout. There are people, but this does not interfere. I was from 10.00. There is a vending machine where you can get water for free, or water with additives (grapefruit, cactus, multifruit) Shower: in the locker room. If you go then to the stop. Horns are visible from the wall, red buttons below them. Press the button - water poured. Somewhere hotter, somewhere colder. Slippers and towels. There may be towels for hire. After a workout, you can visit the fitness bar. Before leaving. On the side of the fitness bar is a vending machine with water. In the fitness bar there is a sportspit. Protein shake: three spoons - 6 euros. Hall left positive. I advise you to go.

Mendbayar Baasanjav 6 years ago

Best fitness in Amsterdam

Ivo 6 years ago

Good atmosphere, lots of equipment. Top gym!

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