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Czaar Peterstraat 22
1018 PR, Amsterdam
+31 20 221 7770


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–20:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–15:30
  • zondag: 08:00–15:30


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Kensho Premium Fitness: Meningen

Paul Cornelis 1 week ago

I went to several gyms in the past Utrecht and Amsterdam, but Kensho is really the best, and best, by far! Nice people, kind and considerate. Many options for group members and beautiful equipment. Highly recommended, this gym!

Tom Decates 1 week ago

Kensho feels like a warm bath! Everyone knows you by your first name and greets you kindly upon arrival Through the combination of high-quality fitness equipment, good and professional guidance and a very extensive range of group lessons, I am quickly up to reach my goals!

Andrea van Dijk 1 week ago

Lots of variety in lessons, from yoga and Pilates to boot camp Funxtion and spinning. Here you come not only for sports, but also for nutritional advice, a cup of coffee, a smoothie or just sit down with one of the books or magazines. From the first day you arrive here, everyone does their best to remember your name and there is always time for a chat

Nikki Fiorella 2 months ago

Nice place to exercise, very friendly owner. First gym where I feel comfortable as a woman

Daniel Ibink 5 months ago

Always friendly, clean and space

raimond lutke schpholt 11 months ago

Pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. With great pleasure I have already given indoor cyling twice as a substitute.

J. S. 11 months ago

Good ambiance, good equipment, nice crew

Stephanie U 1 year ago

I can really recommend this gym to everyone! You pay a little more than at one of the better-known gym chains in Amsterdam, but it is more than worth every euro. I also doubted myself for a long time. the higher price, but should have joined much earlier. It is a very nice gym with good equipment, a varied range of classes, committed staff and a nice atmosphere. Some write in reviews that the music is too loud, but I don't experience that at all. Covid addition: No hassle with booking time locks, you are always welcome and can always work out safely (because it's just never very busy).

mischa molhoek 2 years ago

Great place to sport. Super friendly trainers. Great ambiance. Love it!

Willem .Bakker 2 years ago

Very nice gym. I have attended many gyms but this is by far the best. Nice employees and a nice working atmosphere.

Saskia Peters 2 years ago

A super nice gym with many (tough) classes and good equipment, cozy atmosphere and friendly staff!

Iris A 2 years ago

Positive: Quality A really cool gym with top-notch equipment and a unique feeling!

Tarik Eddial 2 years ago

Great gym, kind people and a super experience in this crazy hiitzone area. Would recommend this to any person who is in for some real deal sweat! Thank you vikki im impressed.

s fuller 2 years ago

Positive: Quality Great place! I have been a member for over 5 years and the quality of classes as well as the variety of which you can you choose from is set up very well. The staff is friendly & the vibe energetic, which gives you a good positive boost! I'm smiling going home after class....

Lizzy McCormick 2 years ago

Very nice gym with super professional trainers. So glad they are open again! ?????

Nique Mavie 2 years ago

I am very glad that I finally found Kensho fitness club. it’s been 6 months and I can only say that the atmosphere, teachers (January,Esmeralda,Paula, Siebel, Manuel, etc...)and classes are all in balance. Since I got there, day after day a get more motivated to be the best version of myself.

Saïda 2 years ago

I’ve never felt more at home at the gym, Everyone is so nice and high energy. I always good home with a good feeling and the classes make you SWEATTTTTT highly recommend

Mariana Linhares da Costa 2 years ago

Positive: Quality I love Kensho since day 1. This is the best gym in town, small scale, right attention, professional staff. The group lessons are great, the equipment is modern and the spaces are impeccable.

Giomir Pierre 2 years ago

Great place to get an awesome workout!!

ollie927 2 years ago

Best gym in town, very nice and helpful staff!

Chris Zeitlin 2 years ago

Top gym! Good equipment but especially 5 stars for the personal and professional guidance. Keep it up!

Eduke de Boer 2 years ago

I really want to let everybody know that this gym is a unique place. Warm and welcoming for everybody. I love to train here and the atmosphere is energetic! Thumbs up for the staff

eileen sinclair 2 years ago

This is a phenomenal experience! I was so impressed buy the well educated trainers. Good music and sound system! And then the girls behind the counter where very friendly. But most of all you should really check out their new HIIT zone area. It’s a real experience that almost takes you to an other dimension! Thank you Kensho for this incredible evening! ??????????5star absolutely deserved!

Alvin Moorman 2 years ago

Perfect quality gym equipment and pleasant professional workers! The group lessons are also very good.

zoey franssen 2 years ago

Very nice gym, have been enjoying it for years. Friendly trainers with a personal approach. The atmosphere is always relaxed and energetic. Highly recommended!

Frederique Wolsky 2 years ago

Heel blij om weer bij Kensho te kunnen sporten! Alles corona-proof, personeel super vriendelijk en begeleiding/klasjes heel prettig en professioneel. Muziek mag van mij wat zachter, dan krijgen ze de 5e ster erbij.

Niels van Elst 2 years ago

Wow! What a great lesson Giomir! Thank you for this experience. The HIIT zone is also highly recommended! I'll see you again soon!

Henry Woolley 3 years ago

Very nice , understanding and professional staff. Nice environment and decor, good place to work out at.

Rob Faltin 3 years ago

I came to Kensho with the aim of strengthening my knee so that I could run a marathon and triathlon with pleasure. Not only has that worked out well, I also enjoyed sport at Kensho last year. Thanks to super good trainers (all of them!) And the good atmosphere at Kensho, the threshold has disappeared for sweating, forgoing, 'suffering', in short training! What I find super nice is the group lessons in which each can train at his or her level. A wide range and variety of styles with the trainers, where they know how to dose the structure very well. Thank you people from Kensho!

Richard de Graaf 3 years ago

The ideal gym. I've been to several gyms, but Kensho is the first gym where I feel really comfortable. The coaches give very fun and tough group lessons! The digital support of the app is also very nice. My registration with Kensho is the best choice I've made in ages.

Joost Voortman 3 years ago

great gym! Driven and experienced staff, very relaxed atmosphere. The healthy food bar is perfect for enjoying a shake or a protein pancake after exercise!

Meka Karakaya 3 years ago

Great vibes, staff, equipment. It is overall the best gym I have ever been. The group classes they have is on another level!!!

Yosra Ali 3 years ago

Kensho is an impeccable gym. To give you an idea; because of the trainers in Kensho, I have gone from not training more than once a month or less, to almost reaching the 100th visit to Kensho in a 6 months period. Kensho’s most valuable asset in my opinion is its trainers. They are committed, supportive, cheerful, talented and super friendly. They understand and meet your needs from day one, encourage you to go on and push your limits. I see people of all ages, strengths and fitness levels in Kensho, all of them seem to find their satisfaction there. If you live in Amsterdam and are looking for a gym, try Kensho and you won’t get disappointed!

Jeroen Zewald 3 years ago

Kensho is one of the nicest, best gyms I know (and I've seen quite a few over the years). The atmosphere is always relaxed and friendly. You are always warmly welcomed! Many good group lessons, and excellent opportunities to train yourself. Great trainers, and a fantastic physiotherapist (who cleared up within two weeks a shoulder injury that had bothered me for over a year. Thank you Ali!)

Antonia Pi 3 years ago

I am not usually a gym enthusiast, but Kensho made me stick to it! Great variety of classes (you shouldn't miss XCORE & BodyContour!), perfect gym equipment and really nice people! Overall, good value for money! ;-)

WillekeZ 3 years ago

If you are looking for an accessible, cozy gym, where you can enjoy sports, but also relax in a casual atmosphere, then look no further! Kensho Premium Fitness is a fantastic gym, where highly skilled Coaches teach and guide. Lessons here are very diverse, so something for everyone. You can also come here for Physioheraphie, Personal Training, Lose It Weight Loss Program (to a better version of yourself in 10 weeks) and Body scans. The service is more than excellent and one with a big smile. I've trained in several gyms in the past, but there was never one where I felt really comfortable. At Kensho Premium Fitness it feels like coming home. The atmosphere here is really fantastic. The staff is closely involved with their customers and that gives a nice feeling. What's also nice is that after your workout you can get delicious protein-rich pancakes, shakes and smoothies from their Bakery. My favorite is in any case the protein pancake, which is topped with delicious fruit and yogurt, really great! You can also conveniently take this to go. I'd say just drop by and savor the atmosphere and the protein pancakes, and you won't regret coming!

David Swinstead 3 years ago

I love Kensho! It's my favourite gym in Amsterdam so far. Everything is to the highest standard, all the equipment you need, the staff are great, and I love the protein pancakes.

Reindert-Jan Ekker 4 years ago

This is a really nice and friendly gym. People of all ages and fitness levels come here to train, there's a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Lots of different high quality gym equipment, lots of classes, nice trainers. Ali has been my personal trainer for about half a year now, with great results. He clearly know what he's doing and cares about his clients.

Alexander Dias De Oliveira 4 years ago

A very relaxed gym with great trainers. I think it's great that you're able to subscribe for a week. Very relaxed Gym with top trainers! It is really great that there is a weekly subscription for holidaymakers.

Kimberly Kops 4 years ago

Esmeralda is the best !! Nice members, Good Vibe and great week memberships

Jeannette Bolck 4 years ago

A wonderful gym. Something for everyone to feel at home. Dedicated trainers and great atmosphere. Strength training and boxing does not feel strange here as a woman to do what makes it accessible! Also tasty Shakes and coffee!

L C 4 years ago

Really a top sports school! Super good service, great varied lessons and top guidance! Especially by the club manager Esmeralda! I would definitely recommend this gym to friends and family!

Sanne Helsloot 4 years ago

In recent years I have visited many gyms. Finally I have completely found my place here. Everyone is super polite and helpful. There are also many possibilities and beautiful equipment. I am a satisfied customer!

Niek Loots 5 years ago

cool place, great people ! Best PT Chris!

Bas van Eck 6 years ago

Chantal is the best!!!

juan de miguel 6 years ago

Very friendly staff and good gym in overall, and they also have food, bakary, and other services. Great place for the body!

Roland Pupupin 6 years ago

Great place!! Great trainers!

Pablo depedraza 6 years ago

the best gym you can join in amsterdam, best people and best environment Pablo

Gulcan Turhan 6 years ago

This place made me a brand new woman again at my 50's

Pepijn Nebig 6 years ago

Great fitness. Nice People. Not crowded

Arturas Jakutis 6 years ago

Friendly people! Whatever your goal is count on personal support from trainers!!!

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