Informatie over TrainMore Amsterdam Singel Black Label

Singel 250
1016 AB, Amsterdam


  • maandag: 06:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 06:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 06:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 06:00–23:00
  • vrijdag: 06:00–23:00
  • zaterdag: 07:00–23:00
  • zondag: 07:00–23:00

TrainMore Amsterdam Singel Black Label; fitness, studiolessen, een DJ booth en een unieke locatie. Vraag ’n dagpas aan & join now!

TrainMore Amsterdam Singel is jouw urban fitness playground aan de Amsterdamse grachten. Een next level gym gevestigd in een van de mooiste monumentale panden van de binnenstad. Hier kun je terecht voor een total fitness package! Wij bieden niet alleen more energy, more workouts, more beats, more advice en more classes - we motiveren je ook om meer te trainen door je voor iedere workout te belonen met €1,- korting!

Een intense workout waarbij op de beat van de muziek bewegingen uit het boksen, kickboksen en muay thai worden gecombineerd. Train like a fighter, live like a winner.

Deze ultieme combinatie tussen cardio en krachttraining geeft je cardiovasculaire systeem een ??intense boost. Hierdoor verbrand je in 45 minuten al snel 1000 calorieën. Get high with us!

Music makes you stronger! Op de beats van onze eigen muziekzender TrainMore FM verleg jij grenzen en haal je het uiterste uit iedere training. Plug in your headphones en speel de muziek af via onze TrainMore Pro App. In onze clubs draaien ook regelmatig live DJ’s.

Be prepared to let it burn! In 30 minuten push jij jezelf tot het uiterste tijdens deze hardcore circuittraining. We maken gebruik van battle ropes, medicine balls, kettlebells en dumbbells. Een full body workout die nooit zal vervelen!

Train more. Get more. Met onze TrainMore Pro App heb je alle tools om jouw workout naar een hoger niveau te tillen binnen handbereik. Met behulp van onze trainingsschema’s en voedingsadviezen bereik je jouw doel nog sneller!

TrainMore beloont iedere workout met € 1,- euro korting. En dat werkt! Onze leden trainen 70% meer dan het landelijk gemiddelde en onze urban fitness community groeit iedere dag. See you soon at TrainMore Singel!

Bij TrainMore Amsterdam Singel train je vanaf € 65,- per 4 weken. Kom jij 18 keer sporten, dan krijg je € 18 korting en betaal je de eerstvolgende periode nog maar € 47. En dat is inclusief alle faciliteiten! Ben je student? Dan kun je kiezen voor een voordelig vast tarief vanaf € 50 per 4 weken. Je ontvangt dan geen korting per workout.

Dit is het NO-nummer op je TrainMore bankafschrift. Heb je die niet bij de hand, vraag je lidnummer dan op via of aan de desk op de club.


TrainMore Amsterdam Singel Black Label heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

TrainMore Amsterdam Singel Black Label: Meningen

Floris Versteeg 2 months ago

Fantastic gym! Lots of space and a unique locaton

Ismaele Villa 3 months ago

Good equipped gym, nice staff, new machines

Muhammad Moeez 3 months ago

1 Day free pass was a treat. Front counter staff was very accommodating.

Laurens Bon 3 months ago

What a bunch of whiners. Maybe you should try the Sunday morning really early, drop the arrogant, spoiled, self-centred you and start smiling when you enter. See what happens..

Raja Bughio 3 months ago

Amazing gym and easy to navigate

Daniil 3 months ago

Train more. Gain more. I really like this place

hassan najimi 4 months ago


Sophie Rice 4 months ago

Amazing gym, all equipment very new and cool machines to try out. Very clean and the staff were so lovely and very helpful. 10/10 best gym in amsterdam

alecarsiv 4 months ago

Great staff, amazing facilities, all you need in an amazing location, I train normally in London and NYC, and so far this gym in the heart of Amsterdam is one of the best highly recommended, and amazing fitness tips from Sander Personal training of the gym

Flaven 4 months ago

We are on vacation and we got one day free, amazing service

Karlee Fimbres 5 months ago

Great place to work out in amsterdam with amazing views ! Staff was very accommodating even though we were travelers and not local. They offer day rates to anyone passing through. Clean space with lots of equipment.

Edson Moraes 6 months ago

Well equipped and clean

ibitepeanuts 9 months ago

Best gym ever.

Joey Mottershead 1 year ago

Love the gym, wish the showers were always hot

Danny J 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality Amazing gym, great facilities and all staff is very friendly-chill, and the location is perfect. Will be a member for years!

Fiammetta Brody 1 year ago

BEAUTIFUL SPACE! Had a great workout and there was ice cold water for free available. This facility had everything I needed for a good lift, it is spacious, clean and not crowded.

Alexander Pacheco 1 year ago

Respects members’ freedoms.

Julia Lindvall 1 year ago

Positive: Quality Would definitely recommend this gym :)

Bharat Suri 1 year ago

Great place to train

Nev Sab 1 year ago

Goeie sportschool...wel dure abbonnement

Maicol Piani 2 years ago

PLEASE 24/7! I have been training here for a year now and I like it a lot as I wouldn't change anything to it to improve it. However, I'd really much enjoy longer hours or, even, 24/7 opening hours.

Nick Hodulik 2 years ago

Great prices, very friendly staff, and outstanding equipment for legit training. Excellent location right in Centrum. The locker room and other various facilities are in old bank vaults!

Anna Pastore Bibiano 2 years ago

Gym is tidy and clean.there is enough space to train close to each other without bumping on someone the best gym you can choose if you live in the centrum area. This gym is a no-brainer

Hans Goudkamp 2 years ago

Best gym. Friendly staff. Mostly

hassan ayoub 2 years ago

Great Gym. Great staff. Amazing music and facilities.

Zhang Klaus 2 years ago

I have been working out at this spot over 3 years. It is really nice to fit myself in this intense but also cozy environment. Location is good to close to central and Dam square and also facilities are qualified and staffs are warm welcomers.

Ash Kyd 3 years ago

Good gym. It's huge, plenty of equipment and not TOO busy in peak. Wish they had a drinking fountain though.

Fábio Santos 3 years ago

Great gym... in the center of the city and great equipment and personnal.

Issa G 3 years ago

Super clean and nice staff

Nicholas Arnold 3 years ago

Awesome gym! Got the week pass for €35 and it was worth it!

Jelle de Ruiter 3 years ago

I always enjoy going here!

Wibrand de Reij 3 years ago

Been coming here since they got here about 5 years ago. Nice atmosphere, building and always updating equipment.

Manish Raje 3 years ago

As a Pijp resident, the TrainMore there is my regular gym, but I have worked out here in the Singel a few times as well by virtue of working in the same building. I give them 5 stars for the abundance of equipment and friendly staff. However the patrons here really need to know that weights need to be re-racked once you use them, and preferably in the same location as they are supposed to be in.

Gaurav Sehrawat 3 years ago

It's more than gym, it's an example of the best. This is my home gym for 7 months now and I am just loving it everyday. I love their social initiative like Trainmore foundation for kids. It has the best equipment. Staff is just awesome everyday. No complaints whatsoever. If you are a tourist try it out for sure. Or just get a subscription.

Ahmad Shbli 4 years ago

Nice gym.

Steffen Leistner 4 years ago

Got a free day pass on request. All machines etc. in a very good condition.

Franco Skrzypczak 4 years ago

Great experience. Big workout area, lots of natural light and high ceilings. The gym has a good workout vibe that motivates you and I always have a nice zen feeling when I leave.

R J 4 years ago

Awesome gym, a little pricey for a visit when your on holidays but cheap if it's your local. The staff member here gave me and a friend buy 1 get 1 free entry because we were clearly to cheap to pay the full cost! What a champ!

Mike Downes 4 years ago

Great gym, cool setup- old bank. 15 euros for a day pass, very reasonable for the quality. Highly recommend

JP Saff 4 years ago

Nice organized place, the bicycle parking is incredible.

Albert Kozak 4 years ago

Coolest gym in Amsterdam! The whole things located inside an old converted bank. You won’t find a gym anywhere else like this. The changerooms + smaller workout rooms are literally inside the old bank vaults. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Only downfall was the drop-in price but the more you go, the bigger discount you get. Highly recommended just for the experience!

Javier Calvo 4 years ago

One of the best gym I've ever been in my life

tan 4 years ago

Great equipment, never took a class as of yet, wonderful personal trainers!

Matthijs Korenberg 5 years ago

Good price, friendly staff, nice building

Che-Sheng Wu 5 years ago

Nice location, friendly and beautiful staffs.

Jooho Kwon 5 years ago

Great gym! Not cheap cheap but great value! Has a rock climbing wall, tanning booth, sauna. Good newer equipment. It's in a cool old bank building. Used this gym for a week while on business. 15 euros a day, 35 for a week and 59 for a month. Hope this is helpful! Great location close to the city center!

Rafa Martinez Valera 5 years ago

Great gym. Many many equipment and different classes

Alex van Ommen 5 years ago

Good equipment. Good and friendly people work there. A bit busy during rush hour, but that's to be expected. Balances this out by staying open nice and late.

Alina Tudose 5 years ago

It's a well equipped gym with a friendly staff. It can get pretty busy right after work hours, but I'm general you manage to find a place to work out.

Sergey A 5 years ago

This is very modern, clean and convenient place to work out.

Andres R 6 years ago

Great equipment in a large facility right in the centre of Amsterdam. Friendly staff with a great vibe in the workout areas. Very happy using this gym!

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