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Gare du Nord 17
1022 LD, Amsterdam
+31 20 240 0840


  • maandag: 07:00–23:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–23:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–23:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–22:00
  • zaterdag: 08:00–16:00
  • zondag: 08:00–16:00


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Sport Natural: Meningen

Mearg Tafla 8 months ago

Hi , I am Mearg Tafla and I am a member of Sport Natural since December 2012 . I am almost 1 year member and I am almost one year very satisfied . I think it's a total gym , with various activities and facilities for members of all ages and tailored to each individual . The sports at this gym makes it fun in my eyes because this gym gives people the opportunity to become a fit person . By that person , for example to provide tips and guidance . I think while also certain that the founders of this gym a good staff got together. They are proffesionals , each with its own personality , and personality complement each other again. They give you the idea that you are welcome , from arrival to departure. I therefore go with a good feeling in the gym and with a good sense of the gym . The quality of the equipment is top notch and the quality is guaranteed . In this regard, the staff certainly not lazy, thinking, for example to keep it clean from the gym . In short, the staff is friendly and very nice , the food is fresh and healthy, the devices are tailored to each type of athlete and the experience is great . What is your reason to still doubt Sport Natural?

Romy Gallardo 8 months ago

A nice gym, well maintained, clean. Many possibilities in terms of lessons and 1 on 1 training. It is very personal, staff are eager to help you achieve your goals. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable. There is a nice atmosphere.

susan roohe 9 months ago

Very nice gym. Very friendly staff and skilled trainers. I especially like the group lessons, you are physically challenged and motivated to get the most out of it. Highly recommended!

Mariachiara galante 10 months ago

Tried lots of gyms around the area, and have been incredibly satisfied with them (joined first through OneFit, then I just switched to a direct subscription). PTs are friendly, giving advices to improve your form, motivates you btw a set and another and boost your mood with a nice chat! The entire space is clean and neat, and in the changing room there is an infrared sauna, for a quick self-treat after your workout! Highly recommended!

Bernardo F N 1 year ago

Have been a member since 2017 and always happy with the staff, equipment and personal service.

Amar S. 1 year ago

A bit more expensive than other facilities, but totally worth it with a personal coach and a good selection of group lessons. Personal intake chat and guidance prior to starting. Not too busy inside in mornings and evenings.

Chrissy Wittmann 1 year ago

My favourite fitness club in Noord. Besides the lovely staff and neatness of the studio, there‘s a little infrared sauna in the changing room and a bar/coffee lounge which I really enjoy. They offer freshly made (protein) shakes with greens/fruits and they’re extremely delicious!

Remco Battermann 1 year ago

Top staff, top equipment and top group lessons All top Recommended!

Aysha P 1 year ago

A bit expensive but definitely the nicest gym I've ever been to. Helpful induction if you're new to going to the gym, and an app to track your workouts. It's never too busy, the coaches are helpful and there's a good selection of classes!

Farid Movsumov 1 year ago

Great place for gains

Maartje 1 year ago

Fine sports!

Aron Opheij 1 year ago

Delicious sandwiches and a nice chat with Simon! What a winner for me, never anything else!

Emre 1 year ago

nice coaching

rosemiel Van Engel 1 year ago

Lovely gym nice atmosphere

Emmanuel Ohene Boafo 2 years ago

Fantastic! They call you by name, which makes it very personal. Staff is super friendly and always ready. Also a relatively quiet fitness club. Delicious. Definitely worth your money!

Hamzah Malik 2 years ago

Great gym, friendly and with top quality equipment.

Lesley Markus 2 years ago

Nice staff, nice gym

Randy Deville 2 years ago

clean, big and a nice gym, they also have nice different classes. Love the vibe and people!

Bart Geleijnse 2 years ago

Fantastic gym. Have tried many other gyms, but nowhere do I feel as at home and at ease as at Sport Natural. Friendly, knowledgeable, involved, attractive, neat, clean, not too busy, professional equipment and friendly staff and personal trainers. Moreover, a wide choice of various group lessons such as spinning, hiit and boxing and accessible to everyone. I have been sporting there for 2 years now and have enjoyed sports ever since. Keep it up!

Selin BEKÇE 2 years ago

Great place to exercise. They offer a wide variety of group lessons with professional coaches.

Maria Ingrid van der Wijk 2 years ago

What does Sport Natural have to offer? You better ask what not. We all want to lose weight, have a healthy body, but preferably with as little effort as possible. Nobody wants to work out or go to a gym, okay, aside from the fanatics. Most of us start out excited and that subsides after the crucial 3/4 months and we gain interest in weight. I, wife, 52 years old, my husband, 60 in a few months, have been working out at Sport Natural for about 3 years now, with our personal trainer, Kevin. Me, woman, diet / diet all my life. used to intensively sport, from the 20th a lot less. then again dieting, starving, eating again and then again with interest, extra kilos. Been there, done that. The moment I threatened to touch almost 100 kilos 3 years ago, the switch was turned. My husband and I made a promise to each other to grow old together in good health. Well, this wasn't going to be. We are not getting any younger. For women it gets more and more difficult as they get older, hormones and all. Don't wait until that Monday, that next week, that last birthday, eat this or that. And don't wait until January 1st! then there is certainly still a lot to do. start NOW with the New Year's resolution. Choose Sport Natural NOW. You are not a number there, a professional team, each with his / her specialty. They know you by name, good, pleasant, safe atmosphere, without any judgment. Expert guidance in your personal development, attention to your goal / wish, what do you want to achieve, following the results, adjusting, adjusting. That way you stay motivated. They know how to stimulate, motivate and persevere. It's not just sports, you get a total package, nutritional advice, mental support. They continue to support you, support you without panting on your neck. ATTENTION to the individual. YOUR goal comes first. Choose from a personal training program, lessons, Personal Training. and most importantly, sports at Sport Natural is FUN !!!!!!! that is the most important thing, so you keep it up. SPORTS AT SPORT NATURAL IS FUN. I should know, I am a walking promotional material, experience expert. My husband and I have been exercising and have been there for 3 years now, under the care of a personal trainer, I have now lost 23 kilos in a responsible, safe, calm way, I am not there yet, but keep going. sometimes with a bump, with trial and error, but especially in a HEALTHY way, different diet. responsible. no physical interventions. AND perhaps more importantly, it is no longer there, with that annoying interest! do you finally want results !!!!! Come on, take that step. You will not regret. Tomorrow you wish, you have started today!

miron dumitru 3 years ago

Fine gym with a range of opportunities to keep yourself motivated. Super friendly and professional staff, who always say hello and check how you are doing. They have managed to motivate me in the field of fitness and believe me; that is not exactly easy. Hope to train here for years!

Maud de kok 3 years ago

Cozy gym where, in addition to regular training, you can also take classes such as yoga or spinning. A private trainer is also an option. After the training you can, if you wish, have something to eat in the downstairs lunchroom. The gym is located under the new metro station in Noord so that it is accessible to the entire city. By car you can park in the area for a fee. At the Boven het Ij shopping center this is only 1.30 € for the first three hours.

Thomas Visser 3 years ago

Nice gym. This place is definitely worth it's money.

Bas Schuiling 3 years ago

Good gym, no roosters, no arnies, no screaming classes. Friendly relaxed atmosphere, super place to do your exercises, nice guidance and super PTs. Care is taken to ensure that people behave themselves and that everyone can exercise unhindered, even at busy times.

Laura De Haan 3 years ago

Incredibly tasty sandwiches and not expensive.

Katherina Moerbeek 4 years ago

Pleasant guidance and neat space.

Sellin Jérémy 4 years ago

Top gym, great teacher (crossfit) simple locker system, shower can be capricious for the hot water

Jolanda van Teeffelem 4 years ago

I have been a member for 5 years with great pleasure!

Peter Du Crocq 4 years ago

Another expansion of equipment. Very good press travelers available.

Tré Sweeney 4 years ago

Love this gym. Been a member for about 5 years and haven't regretted it. The staff are friendly and willing to help. All trainers know how to give advise and genuinely care about the people there...they walk around giving pointers and tips. The facility is always clean and the equipment is new. There's actually a Fit For Free closer to my house but I prefer the service, equipment, space and staff of Sport-Natural.

Iwan Gerbes 4 years ago

Good gym, lots of choice in classes, good equipment and instructors who set up a good training program for you

Down Under 4 years ago

Personal attention with a better condition as goal.

bert Haastere van 4 years ago

Top gym with good guidance

Myra 5 years ago

Good fun sports club, friendly professional trainers. Good quality group lessons and nice people. Good advice.

Sascha Fowler 5 years ago

Good quiet gym, with nice people and pleasant staff

Pieter Van Eekeren 5 years ago

To play sports

Shelagh MacArthur 5 years ago

Super friendly with good options for weightlifting as well as personal training and a variety of activities like crossfit, judo. Modern and clean.

Joey “Renvo” Renvo 5 years ago

I have visited quite a few gyms but this is really my favorite! Good staff, good equipment, nice atmosphere and a varied range of lessons. They are also constantly working with the current trends in fitness! Highly recommended

Mariia Plakhova 5 years ago

Love it!

Frans Huissen 5 years ago

Just a great gym

Hendrik Asso 5 years ago

Best place to pump yourself up..

Ulric Harvey 5 years ago

Cozy relaxed atmosphere and not too busy. Top gym

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