Informatie over SED CrossFit

Pottenbakkerstraat 6
9403 VK, Assen
+31 6 43551559


  • maandag: 09:00–11:00, 17:30–20:30
  • dinsdag: 09:30–10:30, 17:30–20:30
  • woensdag: 18:00–21:00
  • donderdag: 18:00–21:00
  • vrijdag: 09:00–11:00, 18:00–20:00
  • zaterdag: 09:00–00:00
  • zondag: 10:00–00:00

SED CrossFit in Assen is een officieel erkende CrossFit Affiliate. We staan dan ook geregistreerd bij CrossFit HQ in Amerika. Alle coaches van SED CrossFit hebben een CrossFit Level 1 Certificate of CrossFit Level 2 Certificate. Als specialty course beschikt SED CrossFit ook nog over CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Judges, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Kettlebell en CrossFit Weightlifing trainers Certs.

Bij SED CrossFit gebruiken we geen ingewikkelde fitnessapparaten maar trainen we voornamelijk met eigen lichaamsgewicht. Tijdens de trainingen maken we wel gebruik van o.a. halterstangen (met en zonder gewichten), kettlebells en plyoboxen. Daarnaast heeft SED CrossFit een groot, multifunctioneel pull-up rek welke gebruikt wordt tijdens de WOD’s.

De begeleiding is altijd met een gecertificeerde en professionele trainer. Er wordt gewerkt in groepen van maximaal tien personen. Hierdoor garanderen wij maximale begeleiding tijdens de trainingen. Door het trainen in groepsverband wordt er bij SED CrossFit op een leuke manier competitief getraind.


SED CrossFit heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

SED CrossFit: Meningen

Harry Löhr 2 months ago

A great Crossfit box! A challenging workout every day, the guidance is great! Definitely recommended if you want to go crossfit in Assen! Extensive opening times in the evening and at the weekend. So there is a time for everyone to participate in a Workout Of the Day. Workouts are also available for disabled people. In this way, everything can be adapted to other training sessions in order to train the same muscle groups.

Sebastiaan Nieuwenhuis 2 months ago

Due to the fact that I was born with a physical challenge, few sports were reserved for me, I didn't do anything about sports in the last 14 years. I did 6yrs of fitness and that just became SAAI! Thanks to my best friends I came into contact with SED Crossfit. At first I thought, this is not for me, that nagging with those weights, etc. etc. After having had more and more conversations and seeing online that every exercise can be "scaled" to everyone's ability, I became more enthusiastic. At a certain moment my best friends told me too; bassie there will be a cf box in Assen, this is your chance, we know the people and you just have to do this! Have a chat once and I was up. Went to a walk-in and was immediately addicted. After 14 years of not doing anything about sports, I now look forward to buffering every day. Because of my physical challenge I do a lot of the exercises in my fun chair, others I just turn with, but with every exercise I train the muscles for which the exercise is meant. All this in a very friendly atmosphere led by very motivated and very professional instructors and instructors. Stop watching videos on youtube and come and experience that crossfit is for everyone. Deal? Deal! #strongereveryday

Roel Meier 1 year ago

SED is a nice CrossFit BOX in Assen. Under the guidance of good trainers you can exercise well there!

Mariam Dekranian 1 year ago

great trainer

Claudia van L 1 year ago

Best, funniest and fittest

Oneill the Fjord 1 year ago

Very nice sweer. Really great!

Sander Bodewes 2 years ago

Nice people and top support

rene westerveld 2 years ago

Super nice gym

Roy Meier 2 years ago

The right place for both the advanced and novice crossfitter. Wide range of materials with options for indoor and outdoor training under the guidance of experienced trainers. Go there with great pleasure!

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