Informatie over Njoy Fitness Den Haag

Pr. Beatrixlaan 602
2595 BM, Den Haag
+31 70 304 2966


  • maandag: 07:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 07:00–22:00
  • woensdag: 07:00–22:00
  • donderdag: 07:00–22:00
  • vrijdag: 07:00–21:00
  • zaterdag: 08:30–16:00
  • zondag: 08:30–16:00

Welkom bij Njoy Fitness. Fitness, sporten en afvallen doe je bij Njoy Fitness. Njoy Fitness is het sportcentrum in Den Haag, Wassenaar en Noordwijk. Maak gratis kennis!


Njoy Fitness Den Haag heeft zijn beschrijving nog niet ingevuld.

Njoy Fitness Den Haag: Meningen

Menno Oorschot van 1 year ago

Nice gym

Barbara Barbara 1 year ago

Great gym! Train for a few weeks now and it makes you happy. Modern appliances and it is clean. Atmosphere is nice, relaxed people. Staff is friendly and helpful. I can really recommend this gym....I'm used to it differently and that was not so nice.

Justas Mockus 1 year ago

The music in this gym is the best. Fits workout environment very well.

Mariella de Sterke 1 year ago

Nothing but praise for NJoy The Hague A wonderful sports club with spacious and bright fitness rooms, versatile equipment, a wide range of popular group lessons and a nice coffee afterwards. Or straight into the (wet or dry) sauna. Nice helpful and expert management and employees who listen to their members. Particularly creative with Corona: a tent with fitness equipment with a practical app for time slot and group lessons outside, taking care of the members for two years. And then also very nicely priced!

Jeroen Lalleman 1 year ago

Nice, spacious gym. Staff are happy to help you, know you and are nice. Lovely sauna afterwards. Have been coming here for years with great pleasure!

John de Gelder 2 years ago

Totally top at N joy. Nice to be there.

Consita Mangon 2 years ago

Always neat and tidy

whiteglacier 2 years ago

Super Friendly gym with lots of classes. Clean and well managed

Julia 2 years ago

Positive: Professionalism , Quality

c cola 2 years ago

Friendly people

Bep Janssen 2 years ago

It is a great gym, everything is negotiable, even if there is sometimes a cozy, happy, noisy group of ladies present who want to drink a cup of coffee together (15 min)!

pjotr vreeswijk 2 years ago

Fijne sportschool. Schoon, modern en vriendelijk personeel

Christine Dönszelmann 2 years ago

Great sports club. Lots to offer even in lockdown they won't let you down.

Adriane Valéria 3 years ago

Great gym. Can't wait to have it opened again.

Boris van der Heijden 3 years ago

Good atmosphere and has everything you need

Pavan Gandhi 3 years ago

It has all you require for a work out, for whichever level of intensity you wish.

Rowan S. 3 years ago

Very clean, spacious and adequate facilities. Friendly staff and a wide range of lessons.

hamed khazen 3 years ago

ENjoy with metal boez (Njoy Fitness)

Ankit Awasthi 3 years ago

A really nice place and helpful staff.

Martin Smits 3 years ago

Njoy Fitness The Hague is a beautiful sports club with good equipment. It is clean and the staff is nice. There are also people walking around who have sufficient knowledge of fitness. I have seen things differently at other sports clubs. In addition to the opportunity to practice strength sports, you can also take group lessons such as zumba, boxing and spinning. Afterwards a cup of coffee is always nice. Then you can, if you want, still use the sauna. All in all a good, fun club for sports.

tracy rowswell 3 years ago

Great Gym with Facilities Good cooperation with government

ria diercks kroon 4 years ago

Very nice gym. Good guidance if necessary. And after exercise there is a wonderful steam room and sauna! Highly recommend!

Mohamed Abdelbaky 4 years ago

Great gym and nice staff

Mod Alma 4 years ago

Great location and friendly staff.

Charlie Curilan 4 years ago

Every new gym ticks off most boxes but friendly service will always tip the balance. No aggressive marketing, just a lady who sincerely wants to do her job well, other gyms should learn.

Silvia Jimenez 4 years ago

The best gym in town. Very clean and normally not too busy. Great staff and personal trainers!! I highly recommend it.

Laura CM Meurs 5 years ago


Hon-Cheung Man 5 years ago

Very good gym, with very good equipment. Nice ppl around and also very good personal trainers walking around. Would highly recommend.

Sam Greenberg 5 years ago

Super clean and great equipment. Friendly but rule-focused.

Merel Baetings 5 years ago

Nice gym

Beachvolley Vikings 5 years ago

Really nice surroundings, and they got the equipment you need

Miriam Krap 5 years ago

Nice lesson but very busy!

Frank Dellemijn 5 years ago

Beautiful gym.

Sander Teeuwisse 5 years ago

Perfect clean gym! Top location and very friendly staff!

Jordan Pietersz (Rayenasa) 5 years ago

Great and well equipped gym

Jan Spelier 5 years ago

Very nice fitness with a sauna

Praveen Puranik 5 years ago

Nice gym.

Robert Boer 6 years ago

Lekkerrrrr food.

Soos 6 years ago

Best ever

Karel Stolk 6 years ago

Wonderful gym

Phillip Stöwesand 6 years ago

Complete and modern Gym! Great service!

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