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Overste Den Oudenlaan 9
3527 KW, Utrecht


  • maandag: 08:00–22:00
  • dinsdag: 06:00–21:30
  • woensdag: 07:00–21:30
  • donderdag: 06:00–21:30
  • vrijdag: 07:00–20:30
  • zaterdag: 08:00–00:00
  • zondag: 08:00–00:00

People first, fitness second is what we truly believe in. We are open 7 days per week and offer 4 different programs. Because we care. Do we see you soon?

At CrossFit Dom City your fitness and well-being is our priority. Our certified coaches are here to help you become a fitter individual in a safe way and make sports fun again. CrossFit is for people who are just started their fitness journey and people who have doing sports for years. We offer 4 different programs:

We believe that CrossFit should be fun. With our the variety of programs you choose something you like and that matches your fitness goals. It makes coming back easier.


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CrossFit Dom City: Meningen

4.8/5 (23 Meningen)
Dani I 1 year ago

Fantastische ervaring: Very friendly place, instructor Peter was very knowledgeable and patient with us in our beginners try out lesson. I would recommend if you want to try it out for the first time!

Dean Shanahan 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Great Crossfit gym! I was a little sceptical about Crossfit at first. I’ve been going to the gym all my life and joined purely to give it a chance after a friend recommended it to me. From the first moment I was made to feel welcome by their excellent staff, all of whom are more than happy to help you with anything you ask them. They gave useful tips and pointers to me for lifts I’d been doing all my life and under their coaching I managed to smash all my old PBs. This place is a real gem in Utrecht. It does cost a bit more than other gyms, but once you go a few times, you’ll see that you really are getting what you pay for. I can’t recommend them enough!

Bregje Ditters 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Dom City is a box with a great community and awesome coaches. What I love about CrossFit is that everybody can join a workout at their own level. Even when you have an injury (as I do) you can still come in 5 times a week. The coaches at Dom City always find a way to challenge and help you. I've been a member for over 2 years and not only have I gotten fitter and stronger, I've also made some great friends! 10/10

Marjolein Lambregts 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Good atmosphere, top coaches! Due to the large variance of types of classes (strength, conditioning, weightlifting, yoga) you can really train more specifically. This will allow you to really progress on the WODs :)

Michael Du Plessis 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Really a top crossfit gym! Best of Utrecht! A real community!

Wieke Zijlmans 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: I started my crossfit journey about 2,5 years ago at this very gym and I can honestly say I have no regrets or complaints whatsoever. I love how it has such a great community where everyone cheers eachother on during WODs, but is also friendly and accepting outside of training. I love the coaches and owners, they’re super friendly and always open for a laugh, but they also know when it’s time to get to the WOD and get serious. They’re always there to help you and they really look out for their members. All in all, I love the gym, I love the workouts, and I love the community. If you haven’t found your crossfit gym yet, then trust me, this is the one you want to go for.

Tasmin Donaldson 2 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: CrossFit newbie and I’ve been here for nearly a month ‍♀️ has it been tough, of course! But I’m getting stronger and fitter with the help of amazing trainers and supportive members. Loving the vibe. Glad to be a part of the team!

Jan-Thijs Koster 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Nice box!

Alexander Colenbrander 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Actually just a fantastic gym!

Richie Gilbert 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Great Box, great coaches young crowd.

Daniel Van Zuydam 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Great gym and friendly people

JesperMentink 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Crossfit pushed me harder then when I was going to a regular gym. The different aspects in Crossfit and variety each WOD makes it challenging and fun on so many levels. Focussing on getting better and learning new things, instead of only building strength and physique. Even though you are doing the WOD on your own everyone is supportive towards each other until the last rep!

Julianna Becker 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Great box and sphere!

Joeri Arkink 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Friendly community with super motivated trainers

Wouter Schutte 3 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Super box with good and fun coaches and the community is great!

Paula 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Good crossfit box with a nice community, top trainers and lessons. It really feels like home!

Erik Zomerhuis 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Love the place! Great community, good coaches and challenging workouts for every level.

Eduard A. 4 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: So, last Saturday was my first time doing Crossfit in years. I did the trial class and had a very warm welcome from Nicole, the coach. The WOD was flerking hard for me as a newbie but I pulled it through with the help (cheer and motivation) of the team on that day. I really liked the 'community feeling' of the box.

Mitchell 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Great little box, I love the fact that the classes are limited to 10 people. Central location is also very beneficial. And there's even an open gym option, which compliments my training style well (Powerlifting and CrossFit)

Taisiq Marchena 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: The Head Coach and owner of this Box really helped me out with my front squat with a simple trick that I completely overlooked. Dope box, dope dude, thanks for the tips!

Roel Snijder 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: What an amazing place for a workout! The trainer helps you to execute every exercise perfectly by explaining and presenting everything piece by piece. The atmosphere is also great, which means that I will certainly come back more often!

Aris van Tuijl 6 years ago

Fantastische ervaring: Lovely no nonsense box. We make jokes, have fun all day. But when the workout starts we throw down and Work our asses of. Great atmosphere overall!

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